Monday, June 16, 2008


I have been missing in action, I know. My life has been CRAZZZZZZZZZZY. I have never been more busy or running my azz off in my entire life. Here is the *brief* rundown, I promise to be back soon for more details and I have missed every one's blogs soooooo much!.

1. Oldest son graduated from high school plus went on to intense training where he works and is now a shift supervisor and will make decent money while going to college in the fall.
2. Daughter went to London and back in one piece and had a GREAT time. They saw so many sights and had so many stories. One of the high notes was she took a class at Pineapple Dance Studio and it was a professional/advanced class normally only for 18 years +. He let my daughter take it with her dance teacher since she had no where else to go. At the end of the class he came up to her and congratulated her on a great job, she kept up with everyone else and he thought she was amazing. They got their picture taken. She also got her pic taken with another choreographer there and when she took her class, that teacher had her come up on the stage and do it with her for everyone else in the class. So she had a great time. I don't even have all the pictures yet, as her dance teacher that went with her, she and I have not had a chance to get together!
3. We had the dance recital. That was 5 days long. Not the recital, but the rehearsals, then 2 nights of recital.
4. I started my new job which I LOVE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to say this is the BEST job ever. So I am very happy, busy but happy.
5. Husband and I still separated but still talking. Nothing new there.
6. Thinking of selling my house and the kids and I moving into a townhouse. Less maintenance and less room, but much better for us to have to maintain and take care of.
7. My daughter tried out for a play at a theater  and made the play!!!!!! This is something new for us and of course, taking up precious time. But she is thrilled, so that's what counts.
8. My daughter is taking a summer dance intensive every day for 2 weeks with my best friends daughter at a pre professional ballet company. So, that has kept me from getting home until after 6, as my friend brings them and I pick them up on my way home.
9. School is out and the kids are driving me crazy.......
10. My 20 year high school reunion was this past Saturday and I had the best time ever. We had so much fun, it was crazy. I was shocked at how wonderful it was and we all just got along like we never had left. Out of 215 classmates about 64 came back and we all talked and talked all night. Good times.
11. I think 10 is enough, don't you????????

Oh and on top of everything else... my state is floating away. I am safe and sound and DRY but the rest of my state is almost under water. So add that to the stress of driving to work when half of the roads are flooded...good times.

I miss you all and I hope to catch up this weekend, when I actually have some breathing room.