Friday, June 26, 2009

2 months sure does go by fast!

Well, we are all moved! Although we only moved 25 miles away, it seems a lot longer. I love our new place!!! We are in a townhome, in a townhome community. It's like a park in our backyard! We have a pool, sand volleyball, 2 playgrounds, picnic benches and grills... all about 20 steps from our back door. It's really nice. My daughter has gotten a ton of use out of the pool already and this is only our second week here.

It's going well with the husband and I. It's been an adjustment living together again and it hasn't all been rays of sunshine but for the most part it is great being back together. Marriage is work and when you are alone you don't have to work on anything if you don't want to :)

Our summer so far went from 60's and raining to BAM 90's and muggy, hot and shitty. Since I hate the heat, I wasn't thrilled.

Must run now, but will be back soon!