Wednesday, October 31, 2007

And now for guilt....

So, as all of you know, I have been sick. I stayed home again today from work. I did try and get up this morning and get ready. I about passed out. I believe it is from being so short of breath for 3 days. Anywho, so I called in AGAIN. First off, I just don't sit behind a desk all day and see no one. I am in front of a group of people talking my head off all day. So, with a frog in puberty voice, shortness of breath, severe coughing, I felt it best if I stayed home and recovered rather than pushing it to the limit and ending up in the hospital.

So now for the guilt... my boss called me this afternoon and left me a message. She has a husky man's voice now. NICE. So I feel bad that she has been at work and has probably been covering for me and is now getting sick. I am going back tomorrow. I do feel about 75% better. I can walk around without feeling faint, I can carry on an entire conversation without hacking up half of my lung and my voice is getting stronger. (for the record, I am a loud mouth... so my family has enjoyed this frog voice and no chance for yelling quite well).

Even though I knew it was best for me to stay home and recover, I feel so guilty about being gone from work. I wrote yesterday about feeling bad for not going trick or treating. (I don't feel bad about not cooking...can't win 'em all!) I feel bad for feeling bad... go figure.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nothing New...

I really want to talk about something else other than I am sick. Unfortunately, nothing else is occurring in my life, because I haven't left my bed. I am more sick right now than I have been in a LOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGG time.

I missed work today. (And I didn't miss work to get stuff done around the house, like last week.) I slept most of the day. When I cough I seriously C-O-U-G-H. Coughing up a lung takes on an entirely new meaning.

I missed trick or treating tonight. There was no way I could go out walking in the cold air....and it's actually warm this year for this time of year, but still too cold for the lungs. My oldest is at work and is way out of the trick or treating stage, my middle one is grounded (from running away this weekend from his dad's) and borderline too old to go out, so my daughter went with my sister and her daughter (same age as my daughter and they are best, best friends and cousins). So my daughter was very happy, since she got to spend the evening with her cousin. I just feel bad that I couldn't go. But I knew it would set me back in making it back to the living world soon.

I have drank darn near a gallon of orange juice since Sunday night, and also have been drinking VitaminWater. I am not usually one to fall for gimmicks of this type of stuff. But I have to say I like the defense and revive... the only 2 I have tried. I am a coffee, tea or water kind of gal, so to be drinking all this juice is unusual for me!

I have not decided if I will be able to go back to work tomorrow. The problem is I am a trainer... so I have to talk basically all day or half of a day. When you 1. can't breath, 2. cough up a lung (it does not look pretty) 3. barely have a voice, this job becomes somewhat impossible. I currently sound like a frog DEEP in the throws of puberty. Charming, yet sexy all at once...yep, that's me!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Yep, It's Asthmatic Bronchitis...

Sooooo, I went to the doctor today. Finally... Of course when one has figured out it's time to go to the doctor, one is definitely without a doubt, severely ill. That is where I am at folks. Head full of fluid (snot), lungs full of fluid (snot) = sinusitis and asthmatic bronchitis. HOWEVER... my life has been made better. One word: codeine. Okay, I am not a codeine abuser by any means. But I likey my Promethezine cough syrup and it likeys me. There are many reasons for my love of Codeine.
2. good nights sleep
4. no sinus pain
6. most of ones worries vanish
8. Able to breath (this is a really important one... probably should be #1)

Did I mention that I won't cough... which in turn will not facilitate the sore ribs, the slight wetting of ones pants (I did have kids... TMI, I KNOW), sore throat and crankiness that is associated with hysterical coughing fits and gasping for air. Oh and not to mention the "gunk" that is coughed up (again, TMI I am sure).

Oh and Z-pacs are great too. I only have to remember for FIVE days to take them, that is good news for me. I sometimes have the attention span of a nat.

Okay... it's obvious by this point that I am significantly high on codeine right? When I read this in a week, it will resemble some what of a post, I guess. My deepest apologies....

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend fun and Runaways

Well, my daughter and I made it home from our weekend of fun. We went shopping, ate at some fantastic places, saw the So You Think You Can Dance tour, went swimming, and drove a total of about 8 hours. It was a great weekend. I, however, am still sick, in fact I am worse. It is now moving it's way south (to the chest, specifically), so I am sure I will have to go to the dr. now. Yea me!

The boys survived the weekend without their mother. Nothing too serious. Oh wait, my son thought he would run away from his dad's house and he wouldn't notice. Lo and behold, he noticed. He was found at his grandparent's house. Seriously, am I the only one around here that can hold the household together?!? It makes me wonder what would exactly happen if I were to get lost and not come home. I think everyone here would fail to thrive.

Ahhhh, it is so nice to be needed......

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Fun and Doctors

For fun today I did about 765 loads of laundry. I sorted, washed, dried and folded them all. I also cleaned off my desk and filed 6 months worth of crap away. In addition to all of that fun, I filled our paper recycle bin with crap from our house.

I am sick. I didn't go to work today. What do mom's do on their sick days??? Clean their house. Do laundry. File paperwork. Take out recyclables.

I teetered on the edge of going to the doctor. You know the game! Do I need to go the doctor? Am I sick enough yet? Is it just a cold and will it start to go away in a few days? Or is it sinus infection and I need meds? Well here it is folks, 11:47 pm and I still cannot determine if I need to go.... We will see what tomorrow brings and start the whole long debate again.

On the even more upside of things, I am going out of town this weekend with a friend of mine. We are taking our girls to the television show So You Think You Can Dance tour. It is about 4 hours away from our house. So we are leaving early Saturday AM and spending the night there and coming back Sunday afternoon. Of course, I hope to God I am not sick (or more sick).

Please GOD do NOT let the children get this, that's all I need. Oh yea, nor the husband!

I wonder how many times I can say 'sick' in one blog??!?!?!?!?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Missed Buses and Ripped Jeans

My two oldest boys had a "late start" this morning for school. Basically the Senior and Junior High have a 2 hour late start about every other month for "teacher planning". Today was one of those days. Okay, if school starts 2 hours LATER, most people would know that everything gets pushed back 2 hours, right?!?!? So, let's say your bus comes at 7:10 am all of the other days, your bus comes at 9:10 am at a 2 HOUR LATE START. I don't know, makes sense in my pea brain.

Apparently, my 14 yo did not see it that way. He was flabbergasted that at 9:18 am he missed the friggin' bus. He called me while I was at work (in front of an entire classroom of adult learners I am training today) and 25 minutes away. He says to me "people miss the bus all the time mom, just call the school, someone will come get me." I am thinking to myself, what they just have people waiting to be called to pick up some forgetful stinkin' kid everyday of the week?! NO WAY?!? So, I called the Jr. High. I ask them about this potential ride for my delinquent son. They say, "Oh shoot, Mr. SoandSo is in a meeting and won't be able to come get him", which I say, "You actually do have a service for kids that cannot tell time and miss the bus?" She said, "well yes we do try and pick up the kids that do miss the bus" HOLY HELL HE WAS RIGHT?!? They didn't have that service when I was in school, you missed the bus you were SOL! That is our hard earned tax money at work people!

So, my mom takes him to school.

Yea, he is at school... drama over for the day.

WRONG! I get a call at 10 am (yea, 42 minutes after the first phone call) from the school counselor. Nothing good can come from this, I just know it. She says to me, "I am calling about #2son, he isn't hurt or in trouble or anything". In my head I am saying, Okay why on God's green earth are you calling me then?!? And she continues to say, "but #2son's pants are ripped at the seam all the way up his thigh". I blurt out, "HE WORE RIPPED JEANS TO SCHOOL?!?" As I am plotting this kids demise... She says, "Oh no, some kid ripped them up in his class, which we are none to happy about". YOU THINK!?!? She continues to say, "could you run him out some new jeans?" I am in front of an entire classroom of adult learners... did I mention this? I say, "UH I am teaching a class until noon, can you staple (yes, I went there) or pin or something his pants together until I can get there about 12:30". She agrees to this, and pins his pants together.

So this is why I find myself home this afternoon with a headache, sore throat and minus one pair of 14 yo boys pants in my household.

Oh and a bonus... my 10 year daughter wore MY flip flops to school. Yes, it's 40 degrees out. Yes, they are 2 sizes too big for her. Yes, the teachers MUST think I have absolutely no control. Yes, I have told her repeatedly to 1. not wear my shoes and 2. FLIP FLOP SEASON IS OVER!!!!!!!! Thankfully she said, "I only wore them 'a little bit'."

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Flu Shots and Illness..

I hate needles. Needles make me woozy. The site of a needle makes my heart palpitate. I break out in a cold sweat. I feel my head start to spin. I do not take Flu Shots lightly. I just can't help it. I also CANNOT just go down an isle at the pharmacy/Wal-Mart/street corner drive thru (yes, I am serious, I have heard of this)... whatever and walk through and get a flu shot. I have to deep breath. I have to sit or lay down. I have to take a break after and gather myself. If not, I will indeed faint.

I got a Flu Shot yesterday. I got one for free at my place of employment. There is now a lump on my arm and it's red and slightly feverish.

I felt fine GOING INTO this flu shot thing. No symptoms of a cold. Nada... Nothing. I am getting sick NOW.

So now I have a red, lumpy sore arm. I have a stuffy nose, my throat hurts and I have been feverish all day.

Flu shots suck. I know they are suppose to be good for you. I know that a bazillion people will be saved by the flu shot. Nope, not me... I get sick from mine.

I am officially Debbie Downer from SNL.... waaaaaa whhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Monday, October 22, 2007


It's cold here tonight. It's suppose to get warmer this week, so that's good. However about 10 days ago it was 90. When we were having about 3 days (on a weekend, nonetheless) of 90+ heat, I refused to turn the air on. I mean, it's October already! My neglected children had to sleep in their rooms with their windows open in their underwear. OMG, the HORROR. Okay, it did totally suck, but GAWD IT'S OCTOBER ALREADY!

Now, a mere 10 days later, it's in the upper 30's. (Hey, at least we don't have snow!) Soooo, since it's ONLY October, my poor, deprived, totally abused children will have to sleep with an extra blanket on them tonight, because NO HEAT... IT'S ONLY OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone else have 'rules' they follow on turning on their air or heat? I won't turn my air on in May or October -- only June through September (I live in the central Midwest). I won't turn my heat on in May or October. So what I have determined is May and October are free-for-all months? Why you ask? I have no friggin' idea!?!? I must have some sort of OCD, ACD, or whatever you call it. I hope it don't spread....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Update on the Junk Day Pick Up

I almost forgot! Today my precious saved items, items I have ever so lovingly kept over the course of 17 years (okay, a bunch of worthless crap in my basement, that I never go through because it scares me to be down there because of all the looming big boxes that surround you) got picked up today in our town's annual junk day.

1. It took 3 men to clean our property.

2. It took over 30 minutes for the above said 3 men to clean our property.

3. Those same 3 men had to push the squisher button on the garbage truck FIVE (yes, I counted!) times to get through all of our precious saved items (aka JUNK).

4. One of the 3 men that cleaned up our property had some sort of "tic". He shook his head violently several times during this time frame. With no disrespect to "tics", the first time I saw him shake I honestly thought the guy was having a stroke over my large pile. Thankfully it was just a disorder.

5. We had a CONTINUOUS stream of treasure hunters going through our precious saved items for 24 straight hours. (The garbage truck had to wait for a car to leave, so they could pull up and start their business!) And when I say continuous, I mean CONTINUOUS... all night and all day. I was amazed.

Hallelujah, I can say I accomplished something this weekend. Now if only I can tackle the gigantor pile of laundry, I will be on a super-hero level.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

12 step programs for Blogging

For starters, let me just get this off my chest right now. I have been a total loser, lazy a** today. Seriously, I am not sure I could possibly get any closer to being a slug than I am right now!

I had such high hopes for me today. I really did. I got up ( 10 - okay but it's Saturday and my kids are all older and I can sleep if I want to! I've paid my dues.) Anyhoo, I got up and cleaned the kitchen... wow what a complete mess that was (i.e. ignored for 2 days due to large quantities of crap being lugged outside), sorted all of our laundry for the week (that's huge piles x5) and did two loads all by 11. This is where the story turns sour people.

For some unknown reason I thought I would log onto (or is it into??) my laptop and 'check my email'. HA... that was funny. I very rarely ever JUST check my email and by gawd if I have free time... I lose time on the friggin' Internet. And this new found Blog thing has me crazed. I am addicted and I need help. No really, I need some sort of 12 step program. Which I have never needed before now, but I do, I really do. Before I knew it, it was 3:30 pm. I was kidnapped and transported into some form of time warp. I am certain, I did NOT just spend 4 1/2 hours on here, I did NOT.

Lo and Behold, I am back on again... this evening. I did the motherly things today. I took my daughter to Nutcracker practice, picked up her new Nutcracker attire, took her to McDonalds where my oldest son is crew trainer, chatted with all his friends, came home and talked to my middle son about football and learned both of our state teams lost today, spoke to my husband about how freaking lazy and sick we are, he agreed wholeheartedly... yet continued playing WOW(for those of you that know what WOW means, my deepest apologies, as his addictions GO MUCH DEEPER THAN MINE). Oh and played my daughters home-made board game with her...luckily it was speedy and over before I even understood it. Ahhhh, I love that kid.

Friday, October 19, 2007

World Record Holder

You are officially reading the blog of a World Record Holder. Yes....we hold the record of the most Junk on the curb of our town's Junk Day pick up. Although we will be given no official award, there is something to be said for just knowing you are the best at something!

Who knew that 17 years worth of storage could cover an entire property at the curb?

Who knew it would take 2 days and 3 people to carry said storage items to the curb of the property?

Who knew that when I graduated from high school (ahem... nearly twenty years ago) that I wanted to be a Legal Aid and have no children? 1. Since when did I ever have any interest in anything "legal" to begin with, apparently THAT day I did! 2. It should be noted that I had my child 20 months after my graduation (not counting being married 13 months after graduation, as well). WOW, I should of been a psychic! I missed my calling completely.

Who knew that pictures left in picture frames long enough (oh say 17 years) WILL be permanently glued to the glass?

Who knew that my hair really did use to make me stand... oh about 7 feet tall!?! (My kids thought that was particularly funny... so do you know what my rebuttal was back?? Oh, it's a good one... one MY MOM said to me growing up and I NEVER EVER believed her. "Oh laugh now, one day your kids will be laughing at your styles now". They never get it)

Who knew SO MANY people drove around said town looking through other people's "junk"? The old adage is true... one man's junk is another man's treasure.... because there are A LOT of treasure hunters out there tonight.

It has been a fun filled day! And one I do not want to repeat for, let's say, 17 years!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bloggin 101

Wow, my very first post. I have been working up to this for about a week. I have been lurking on many, many blogs recently working up the courage to just start my own. I know I will not lack in anything to write about. All in all, I have no life to speak of... well outside of my kids. They provide enough entertainment, heartache, frustration and freakisms to last a life time.

For example, today my husband and I had a vacation day to clean the basement! I know, I know... everyone is so jealous of how we spend our vacation around here!!! I will tell you though, it was so worth it. I have lived in this house for 17 years, my husband only 2 1/2. I had 17 years worth of crap in the basement storage room. So, Saturday is our town's "junk day" pick up. What a great idea I had, let's clean out the basement and put it all on the curb!!!!! Yea me!

So my 17 year old son stayed home with us to help (he's a great student and hey we needed the help). He is going to school tomorrow as we continue the clean up process. Anyhoo, we were in my middle son's room (14 year old) and my oldest found a bottle of lotion in his room and LITERALLY fell on the floor laughing hysterically. I know it was my daughter that brought it down there, as I remember the conversation with her around this. However, this did not stop my oldest from having the laugh of his life over it. So, one example of what my life has become living full time with 2 teenage boys (and another one part time).

My daughter spends most of her time at the dance studio, well... so do I. I do believe it is to avoid conversations like those mentioned above. My daughter is heavily into dance and I in turn, am as well. It can't be helped really. I grew up dancing, danced on the drill team in high school, danced in my 20's. Then quit when I was pregnant with her (yes that is what I blame the current 100 lbs gain on). My best friend from high school teaches at this studio and I am the secretary (in my spare time... har de har har). Tonight I am home instead of being there, since I spent the day in the cob-webby, dirty, gross basement.

I think that is about all for now, my first post and all. More later, try to contain the excitement.