Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nothing New...

I really want to talk about something else other than I am sick. Unfortunately, nothing else is occurring in my life, because I haven't left my bed. I am more sick right now than I have been in a LOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGG time.

I missed work today. (And I didn't miss work to get stuff done around the house, like last week.) I slept most of the day. When I cough I seriously C-O-U-G-H. Coughing up a lung takes on an entirely new meaning.

I missed trick or treating tonight. There was no way I could go out walking in the cold air....and it's actually warm this year for this time of year, but still too cold for the lungs. My oldest is at work and is way out of the trick or treating stage, my middle one is grounded (from running away this weekend from his dad's) and borderline too old to go out, so my daughter went with my sister and her daughter (same age as my daughter and they are best, best friends and cousins). So my daughter was very happy, since she got to spend the evening with her cousin. I just feel bad that I couldn't go. But I knew it would set me back in making it back to the living world soon.

I have drank darn near a gallon of orange juice since Sunday night, and also have been drinking VitaminWater. I am not usually one to fall for gimmicks of this type of stuff. But I have to say I like the defense and revive... the only 2 I have tried. I am a coffee, tea or water kind of gal, so to be drinking all this juice is unusual for me!

I have not decided if I will be able to go back to work tomorrow. The problem is I am a trainer... so I have to talk basically all day or half of a day. When you 1. can't breath, 2. cough up a lung (it does not look pretty) 3. barely have a voice, this job becomes somewhat impossible. I currently sound like a frog DEEP in the throws of puberty. Charming, yet sexy all at once...yep, that's me!


desirae said...

Thankyou for the comment.. I hope you get to feeling better.. The only thing I could picture when you were talking about the frog in puberty, and it being sexy was Monica from Friends, the time she was sick and was rubbing vapor-rub on, and trying to be sexy for Chandler.

Valarie said...

Sorry you still aren't feeling better. I have chronic bronchitis (although mine has not been nearly as bad since moving to a warm climate....smart move if I do say so myself) so I know exactly what you mean when you say coughing up a lung. I used to lay on the couch and tell my family I was sure I was on my death bed.
My mom always poured Orange Juice down our throats when we were kids and would get sick. She swears by it.