Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Missed Buses and Ripped Jeans

My two oldest boys had a "late start" this morning for school. Basically the Senior and Junior High have a 2 hour late start about every other month for "teacher planning". Today was one of those days. Okay, if school starts 2 hours LATER, most people would know that everything gets pushed back 2 hours, right?!?!? So, let's say your bus comes at 7:10 am all of the other days, your bus comes at 9:10 am at a 2 HOUR LATE START. I don't know, makes sense in my pea brain.

Apparently, my 14 yo did not see it that way. He was flabbergasted that at 9:18 am he missed the friggin' bus. He called me while I was at work (in front of an entire classroom of adult learners I am training today) and 25 minutes away. He says to me "people miss the bus all the time mom, just call the school, someone will come get me." I am thinking to myself, what they just have people waiting to be called to pick up some forgetful stinkin' kid everyday of the week?! NO WAY?!? So, I called the Jr. High. I ask them about this potential ride for my delinquent son. They say, "Oh shoot, Mr. SoandSo is in a meeting and won't be able to come get him", which I say, "You actually do have a service for kids that cannot tell time and miss the bus?" She said, "well yes we do try and pick up the kids that do miss the bus" HOLY HELL HE WAS RIGHT?!? They didn't have that service when I was in school, you missed the bus you were SOL! That is our hard earned tax money at work people!

So, my mom takes him to school.

Yea, he is at school... drama over for the day.

WRONG! I get a call at 10 am (yea, 42 minutes after the first phone call) from the school counselor. Nothing good can come from this, I just know it. She says to me, "I am calling about #2son, he isn't hurt or in trouble or anything". In my head I am saying, Okay why on God's green earth are you calling me then?!? And she continues to say, "but #2son's pants are ripped at the seam all the way up his thigh". I blurt out, "HE WORE RIPPED JEANS TO SCHOOL?!?" As I am plotting this kids demise... She says, "Oh no, some kid ripped them up in his class, which we are none to happy about". YOU THINK!?!? She continues to say, "could you run him out some new jeans?" I am in front of an entire classroom of adult learners... did I mention this? I say, "UH I am teaching a class until noon, can you staple (yes, I went there) or pin or something his pants together until I can get there about 12:30". She agrees to this, and pins his pants together.

So this is why I find myself home this afternoon with a headache, sore throat and minus one pair of 14 yo boys pants in my household.

Oh and a bonus... my 10 year daughter wore MY flip flops to school. Yes, it's 40 degrees out. Yes, they are 2 sizes too big for her. Yes, the teachers MUST think I have absolutely no control. Yes, I have told her repeatedly to 1. not wear my shoes and 2. FLIP FLOP SEASON IS OVER!!!!!!!! Thankfully she said, "I only wore them 'a little bit'."


utmomof5 said...

Where was that program when I missed the bus!! You are too funny. Thanks for finding my blog and leaving a comment it makes me feel cool (according to my kids I am so not cool) I will keep reading about you and your families many adventures.

Catracha at heart said...

:) Flip flop season is NOT over, LOL. I wear flip flops all year round. Snow on the ground? No problem, wear the thick soled ones, LMAO. I really am not that bad, (sometimes) but I wear flip flops all year round - and I *try* to remember to put on tennis shoes when it is snowing out.

WOW you have people at the school that picks up the kids who missed the bus? Like you - they didn't do that at my school when I went. I would have let ds wear stapled pants all day until he came home, LOL. I am such a bad mother.

I hope you feel better soon - maybe a nice big hot toddy with a splash (or two or five) of rum will make you feel all better, LOL.

Kellan said...

I can't believe they actually will pick up kids?! And your daughter wore flip-flops? These were funny stories (to me - not you I guess) - thanks for reminding me that my kids aren't the only ones with malfunctioning brains sometimes. See ya.

Valarie said...

Aren't children fun?!? :)

Catracha at heart said...

Pupusas - pronounced PooPooSah (ok not the best sounding name but still, LOL) They are basically tortillas stuffed with shredded pork, cheese, and beans (that is the revuelta version - they also come in just cheese, and other stuffings too). I SWEAR they are better than they sound.
The pupusas are fried - like pan fried i guess in a bit of oil, so they are nice and healthy too.
there is some more information on there. If you have a El Salvadorian restaurant near your house, I say take a night and go get one as a snack to try. YUM. LOL

Kathy said...

Okay, my son's school certainly does not have this service! He missed the bus one day and then had to miss the entire day because of it. The school didn't like it, but hey they start at 8:25 and I have to leave my house at 7:00 to get my daughter to school by 7:30 and myself to work by 8, I can't come back to take him! Same goes for ripped pants, my son would have been SOL the rest of the day! Hope you get to feeling better.

Cecily R said...

I've never been in an area where my kids rode the bus. Come to think of it, I never rode the bus when I was a kid either. If I had I'm sure I would have missed it often, and I know that program wasn't around then either!

Flip flop season is alive and well around my house 365 days a year! I own about 8 pair and wear them in the winter. I guess I'm a bad example. :)

Liz said...

That sounds like a day at my house...are you sure we didn't swap places somehow?? LOL Hope you're feeling better (I read the two after this as well). Remember LOTSA FLUIDS! :o)