Monday, October 29, 2007

Yep, It's Asthmatic Bronchitis...

Sooooo, I went to the doctor today. Finally... Of course when one has figured out it's time to go to the doctor, one is definitely without a doubt, severely ill. That is where I am at folks. Head full of fluid (snot), lungs full of fluid (snot) = sinusitis and asthmatic bronchitis. HOWEVER... my life has been made better. One word: codeine. Okay, I am not a codeine abuser by any means. But I likey my Promethezine cough syrup and it likeys me. There are many reasons for my love of Codeine.
2. good nights sleep
4. no sinus pain
6. most of ones worries vanish
8. Able to breath (this is a really important one... probably should be #1)

Did I mention that I won't cough... which in turn will not facilitate the sore ribs, the slight wetting of ones pants (I did have kids... TMI, I KNOW), sore throat and crankiness that is associated with hysterical coughing fits and gasping for air. Oh and not to mention the "gunk" that is coughed up (again, TMI I am sure).

Oh and Z-pacs are great too. I only have to remember for FIVE days to take them, that is good news for me. I sometimes have the attention span of a nat.

Okay... it's obvious by this point that I am significantly high on codeine right? When I read this in a week, it will resemble some what of a post, I guess. My deepest apologies....


Kellan said...

I'm glad you got the codeine - it will do the trick. I'm sorry you are feeing so crappy - it sounds just awful (and gross:) ... hope you feel better - really soon. See ya.

Kellan said...

Funny post - by the way!

utmomof5 said...

I am so sorry to hear about how sick you are. I hope you feel better soon. Sometimes pharmacuticals (I know that is spelled wrong)can be ones best friend.

Shelley said...

I found your blog from a comment you left on MadMad's blog. I read your profile, and I just wanted to tell you that I also LOVE Jennifer Weiner (Good in Bed is my favorite), and that I also LURVE all things Rob Thomas and Matchbox 20. He was here in concert at our state fair last year, and I went and it was awesome. Just thought those two coincidences were interesting!

On topic: Sorry you are feeling poorly, get well soon!

MadMad said...

Ugh - you know a mom is REALLY sick when she actually breaks down and calls a doctor! Hope you're feeling better soon! Thank you for coming by my blog; I love getting to meet new people, and check out their blogs!

Cecily R said...

Glad you got what you need to feel better. Now get some sleep for both of us!

Jennifer said...

I have never had codeine - *sigh* I never get to participate in all of the fun :(
I so love z-packs too. Its only 1 pill for 5 days, I can handle that. The other meds where you need to take it 2/3 times a day for 10 days, Im lucky if I get in 6 pills in those 10 days, LOL.

I hope you feel better soon!!!!