Friday, February 29, 2008


Conversation between my 18 year old son and myself:

son: "I keep lifting weights and working out and I just can't gain a pound." (he says this with much exasperation)

me: "wow" (said with no sympathy)

This is genetic for him, he can't help it. It's genetic... from his dad.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Same ol' stuff different day

WOW, so much to say, so little time. Uh, no... not really. It is the same ol' crap different day! :-) Let's see... snow and ice yesterday and all night last night. So that puts us up to almost three feet of snow and ice. I love the midwest. I do. But holy mother of all things good... when is spring going to get here already?!?!? The joke is over... I cry uncle. I give in. I tap out. Whatever... just make the snow and ice go away!

I took my son to the dr yesterday to be tested for mono. He is about 25% better. He is back at school but can barely make it through the day. He is just NOT himself. This is the sickest he has ever been in his entire 14 years. So, the dr. wanted to be safe than sorry. So, he still has fevers at night but not during the day so much, still has a horrible dry raspy cough and stuffy nose, still has muscle aches and no energy, and then yesterday morning woke up with swollen glands in his neck and it hurt to even touch them. But he trudged on to school, he said he just couldn't miss anymore days. He really is a trooper. The dr. is still leaning towards a bad case of Influenza, since his spleen was normal size but wants to be sure about the mono. So in another day or so, we should know. I don't care what he has really, I just want it to go away!!!!!!!!!! I hate seeing my poor bubby sick. He is just always so resilient and healthy. It breaks my heart. And if he is complaining and wanting me to baby him, there is definitely something wrong!

The good news is, I am feeling a ton better. I mean I know it's only been 5 days of my wonder drug, but I can tell a difference in my energy level. And so far, no side effects, so that's GREAT! So there is a bright side to all this dreary.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Feeling Good

First, thank you to everyone for the well wishes from my last post. I'm doing great and my doctor is soooooooooooooooo sweet and nice. I adore him. I have been going to him for years and years and he always listens to me, like really listens. That's unusual for this day and age. Anyway we are trying somethings and I will go back in a month. I am sure our ugly, terrible winter has played a part in this but I truly feel it goes a little deeper. I have to say I just feel better for recongnizing it and taking action. I have a little more perk in my step LOL!

My 14 year old either has Mono or Influenza. He has been VERY ill since Tuesday. He is my healthy one! He always bounces right back. He had strep throat about 5 years ago and was nearly fully recovered in 2 days. My oldest son, my daughter and I are down for around a week. So it has really concerned me how sick he has been. I took him to the doctor Thursday morning, after having symptoms for about a day and a half. Well it was too far into the sympotms to test or treat influenza and too soon to test or treat mono. NICE. So, if he isn't better by Monday back to the dr. we go for blood tests. I hope he's better. He's with his dad today, they were going to lay low and play video games together, just guy time :-) So, I haven't talked to him yet to see how he is. Last night, still crappy. *sigh*
I am so excited! Today and Tomorrow's high is going to be in the thirties!!!!!!!!! It is like a heat wave. And after 2 plus feet of snow and below zero temps in the past 2 weeks, I am ready for a heatwave. But low and behold, winter will be back on Monday with a snow and ice storm. There is an end in sight... next weekend is MARCH. So that means only one more month of really crappy weather and it has to turn around in April. Good news!

I leave you with a picture of my oldest son and one of his best friends watching wrestling and acting as dumb and as funny as humanly possible. They make me laugh EACH AND EVERDAY! I love them.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big Decisions

Today I am going to go see my family doctor. It has been something I have been mulling over for awhile now. I am going to go talk to him about my emotional state. I have been thinking that I have had some form of depression for awhile now. It is hard to talk about to other people and it's even harder to talk to yourself about. I have some of the signs, but I fight them each and everyday. If I had my way, I would feel completely fine with staying in bed all day everyday. Now obviously I have a little more will power than that, so I don't. But it's the constant fight with my mind. It's tiring and it leaves little room to battle other things. Like everyday life. It feel likes to me that I am tredging through mud each and everyday. Laundry - seriously a moutain climb in my head, picking up the kitchen - a marathon, cleaning my house - torture. You get the picture. So everyday I have to fight all these thoughts and feelings JUST to go make dinner or pick up our bedroom or whatever. It's tiring. It's hard. And I want to make my life a little better. My kids, my husband and I deserve more.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's only Tuesday?!?

It has been a hard week. It feels like Thursday afternoon to me... emotionally, mentally and physically. It's only Tuesday!

There is a person at my job that is mentally tiring. She basically verbally beats you up. I walk away feeling like I have two black eyes.

My personal life is going crappy. It's something I can't even talk about really. It's just emotionally raw right now.

We got 8 more inches of snow... but first we got freezing rain. NICE. We haven't gotten this much snow since I was a kid. It is CRAZY! My kids have missed more school this year than several past years combined.

AND when o' when will they fix spell check?!?????? *sniff*

Friday, February 15, 2008

I think I am caught up!

I have been gone a week. I haven't read any blogs or made any posts. I didn't really mean to do it, it just worked out that way. It's been a busy week. School conferences, dance lessons, Ballet practice, wrestling matches, blah blah blah, not to mention terribly busy at work. But I think I am pretty much caught up now. I have missed a lot!!!!!!!!!! Broken Legs, 100th Posts, Birthdays here and here, Blogging Addictions and oh so much more!

It should be a fun filled weekend, my step son will be over and my son only has to work Saturday morning. This means that all weekend I will have no less than 6 teenage boys in my home all weekend. FUN!?!? I know... you are all so jealous. Try to contain it.... I will try to get some pictures to prove what fun is!

I am hoping to escape the chaos at some point with my daughter to try and find some form of girly time! We are going to watch my neice dance on Saturday night and then Sunday we will go to her Ballet practice. Thank God!

Took some online quizzes with my two teenage sons last night. That was dumb! I found out somethings I really never needed to know. Like, things girls have said to my 14 year old that cannot be repeated here. Or, things girls have offered to do to my 18 year old that I cannot repeat here. But the things I found out that were good, are my 18 year olds views on sexual relations with girls... very solid and mature. Whew. Let's just say my 14 year old has some wild ideas and needs to corralled and ideas beat into his head for the next 4 years but the good news on that is, I still have time to beat it into him!

My husband and I went to dinner alone last night. That was our gift to each other for the "hallmark holiday". It was just an excuse to not cook in my book, so I was alllll for it! The kids chose Taco John's to have. Uh ok. So they got their meal and we had ours. Seperate! :-)

Have a good weekend!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Biggest Heart Award

I got this award from Jessica at never a dull moment!!!! I am so honored! Jessica's blog is always fun and enjoyable. She has an adorable daughter and is also a student AND works! You should go check out her blog, it's well worth it :-)

Thank you SO much Jessica, I truly appreciate it!

I would like to give this award to:

Girlymom at The Red Door. Her blog is always uplifting, fun and she usually has very cute photos of her four adorable girls!!!

Stacie at Stacies Madness. Stacie is always honest and her writing usually gets me thinking aftwards. I always enjoy her blog and seeing what she is talking about!

Cecily at my chaos my bliss. Cecily's blog is always funny, enjoyable and she, too, has posts of her three beautiful children. Cecily makes me feel like I am not the only person that has some of these crazy things happen to me. I love her blog and she has been so much fun to get to know better.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Thoughtless Ramblings.

WOW, so much to little time.

Let's start with the fun part. We got a foot of snow on Wednesday (on top of the 6 inches we got Monday). YEA!!! This meant no school and hubby and I stayed home too (that's where the cheering came from - YEA NO WORK!) A town about 45 minutes south of me got 12 inches of snow on Monday and another 12 inches on Wednesday - not pretty. It is down around where my step-son lives, he hasn't had school all week!! They had roofs collapsing (not his but in the town), their plow couldn't keep up (yes a single plow - it's a smaller town). It's just been a snow, snow, snow everywhere kind of winter!

I think since we have been cooped up all winter, the germs are everywhere. I am getting sick, again. Seriously, haven't I paid my dues this winter already. I mean I gave 6 weeks of my life up for bronchitis earlier this winter. It is in the beginning stages right now and I am trying to fight it off. I hope I succeed.

Let's see what else? I mean besides 18 inches of snow and sick? I have such a great and interesting life!!!!

My library books are over due, by a month. Need to get those back.

No birthdays to talk about. *whew*

Oh, next week is Valentines Day. But I am a Valentine's Day scrooge (I heard that saying on another blog and it cracked me up - but now I can't remember what blog!). I really don't like V Day, I really should be pampered all year long. NOT just one day. But I think hubby and I are going to actually do something special this year. 1. because we have some extra $$ 2. It's our first Valentine's day married. So, why not. What does everyone else do? Is it a big day for you or are you like me and usually it's just another day???

AND when in the H*LL are they going to fix the spell check?!?!?!?!?!?!? I NEED SPELL CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Who doesn't love a good concert??

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of taking my daughter to the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Concert 3D Movie. Yea. That was F.U.N.

Here's a run down:

a $18 EACH to see the movie
a Obtain stylish 3D glasses
a Take picture of ourselves on crappy cell phone
a Be the only people in the theater (it paid to go on a Monday night apparently.)
a Buy a million dollar bucket of popcorn
a Be suckered into buying the large pop (it’s only 30 cents more!)
a Listen to my daughter sing at the top of her lungs to each and every song…


And for the record - Miley is adorable and such a good role model for young girls. There aren't that many to chose from these days. She and her family are a class act. I was happy to shell out the dough for something like this, plus it was better than taking her to the actual concert, where tickets sold out in minutes and then were scalped for hundreds - even thousands - of dollars. And we would of had to travel to another state to go see it. Yes, this was much cheaper!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Shout Out

OH H*LL YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE PATRIOTS WENT DOWN IN A FLAMING BALL OF SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take that Tom "pussboy" Brady!!!!!!!!!


Dance with me

Yesterday we spent the entire day at our daughter's dance competition. (As in 10+ hours!). It was all worth it :-)

My proudest moments were her two solo entries. She won a Gold Medal and 3rd place overall in the Lyrical category and another Gold Medal and 1st place overall in Musical Theater. I was so PROUD!

She did well in her duet and group dances, too. But her solo's were all her and her hard work. I couldn't be prouder.

On a side note: My son cried when I read him his poem on his birthday. Now, he is NOT an emotional person. As in since he has been in his teens and most of pre-teens I have probably seen him cry 3 times and they were all out of him being tired and frustrated with something. So, it was VERY heartwarming. And he loved it. I couldn't of been happier.

Hope you had a great weekend and I will I try to catch up on my blog reading tonight.