Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dance with me

Yesterday we spent the entire day at our daughter's dance competition. (As in 10+ hours!). It was all worth it :-)

My proudest moments were her two solo entries. She won a Gold Medal and 3rd place overall in the Lyrical category and another Gold Medal and 1st place overall in Musical Theater. I was so PROUD!

She did well in her duet and group dances, too. But her solo's were all her and her hard work. I couldn't be prouder.

On a side note: My son cried when I read him his poem on his birthday. Now, he is NOT an emotional person. As in since he has been in his teens and most of pre-teens I have probably seen him cry 3 times and they were all out of him being tired and frustrated with something. So, it was VERY heartwarming. And he loved it. I couldn't of been happier.

Hope you had a great weekend and I will I try to catch up on my blog reading tonight.


Bia said...

I am not surprised your son was a very touching poem about what is really an important milestone in his life!

Your daughter looks so cute. Congratulations to her for all those awards!

God bless.

Sue said...

There is nothing sweeter, is there? Yay.

Holly said...


desirae said...

Tell your daughter congrats. How old was she when she started taking dance classes? You poem to your son made me sad (It was very good), it's no wonder he cried.

Cecily R said...

Way to GO!! I'm proud and I don't even know her in real life!!

Pennies In My Pocket said...

YAAAAY for your daughter! That's great! She looks so proud! :)

That is so touching about your son. I'm practically tearing up right now....that is just so sweet!


Minnesota Matron said...

Oh - sweet on all levels. There is just nothing more adorable than little girls of the elementary school age, dancing about in pink -- even if you get ten hours worth. And my oldest spontaneously said, "I love you Mom" last night, instead of his usual, "Hey woman, where's my snack?"

I wish that was a joke but it isn't!

girlymom said...

What a great day for your daughter! CoNgrAtS to her!

What a sweet moment with your son. Hopefully he will remember the love of his mom in those moments he is faced with a tough time! You are a very loving mom to take the time to devulge your heart to your son.

newduck said...

She's gorgeous! Lucky, lucky you to have such a great family!

Stacie said...

GREAT JOB TO YOUR DAUGHTER. That is fantastic.