Friday, February 8, 2008

Thoughtless Ramblings.

WOW, so much to little time.

Let's start with the fun part. We got a foot of snow on Wednesday (on top of the 6 inches we got Monday). YEA!!! This meant no school and hubby and I stayed home too (that's where the cheering came from - YEA NO WORK!) A town about 45 minutes south of me got 12 inches of snow on Monday and another 12 inches on Wednesday - not pretty. It is down around where my step-son lives, he hasn't had school all week!! They had roofs collapsing (not his but in the town), their plow couldn't keep up (yes a single plow - it's a smaller town). It's just been a snow, snow, snow everywhere kind of winter!

I think since we have been cooped up all winter, the germs are everywhere. I am getting sick, again. Seriously, haven't I paid my dues this winter already. I mean I gave 6 weeks of my life up for bronchitis earlier this winter. It is in the beginning stages right now and I am trying to fight it off. I hope I succeed.

Let's see what else? I mean besides 18 inches of snow and sick? I have such a great and interesting life!!!!

My library books are over due, by a month. Need to get those back.

No birthdays to talk about. *whew*

Oh, next week is Valentines Day. But I am a Valentine's Day scrooge (I heard that saying on another blog and it cracked me up - but now I can't remember what blog!). I really don't like V Day, I really should be pampered all year long. NOT just one day. But I think hubby and I are going to actually do something special this year. 1. because we have some extra $$ 2. It's our first Valentine's day married. So, why not. What does everyone else do? Is it a big day for you or are you like me and usually it's just another day???

AND when in the H*LL are they going to fix the spell check?!?!?!?!?!?!? I NEED SPELL CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mary said...

We don't do Valentines Day. Our oldest was born ten minutes before VDay, so her birthday and VDay are back to back. We celebrate her birthday and that's enough. If we take her out for dinner, we can go to any empty restaurant because the rest of the world goes out the next night! haha! Valentine was trumped by our first born and we don't mind at all.

Holly said...

I don't like Valentines Day either. And, I want spell check back too.

girlymom said...

I think it is just a Hallmark Holiday~ seriously. I am going to have to look into the history of Valentine's Day and see who started it~ I swear it was Hallmark! :)

You need some more Vit C and some Lysol in your house~ or maybe a nice vacation to a deserted sandy sunny island, that's good for ya too! Or maybe an exotic jungle trip, maybe a cruise, these are all good ways to take care of yourself right?!! Solves two problems with one trip~ no snow, no sickness! Have a great weekend!

Kellan said...

That is a lot of snow! I can't even imagine that much snow. You would not believe how sunny and beautiful it has been here all week - it's hard to believe we all live in the same country.

I don't like V Day either - not a fan! We have no plans that I know of.

Have a great weekend - see you soon. Kellan

Bia said...

Thank you! I thought it was just me having problems with the spell check. I noticed something funny was going on when I didn't have any misspellings three posts in a row...then I spelled something wrong ON PURPOSE and realized that it was not functioning. (And here I thought I was so smart!)

Have a great day. Hope you don't get sick again.

Cecily R said...

First of all, what's with all the school cancellations? We've had dump loads of snow and no cancellations. Boo!!

Secondly, I need the spell check to come back too!!

And lastly, I once racked up almost $200 worth of library fees. True story.

Jessica said...

I agree.. definatley a holiday made up by Hallmark! I think we should do the whole white castle valentines meal to be funny... Have you heard about that? I Hate that my spellchecker is still not working.. Seriously, it has been like a week now...

katie said...

I agree on valentines day. you should be loved all year long. plus as us married folks do, it's hard to buy 'for an occasion', you just buy when you see something you know the other would enjoy... not because some silly calendar day told you to.

Jessica said...

I left you something over on my blog... check it out! Have a great weekend

Shelley said...

Ha...I first read that as you two are going to do something this year because you have an extra $2.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who runs up ridiculous fines at the library. I'm glad you got to stay home from work though, yay! But if you're getting a little sick of your snow, definitely do not go look at my last post. ;)

Valentine's day is THIS Thursday? Dang...that means the preschool party will be Wednesday, and I should probably do the Valentine class-kid-card thing. Crap. I'm so glad I only have one kid that has to do that. Of course, I have another one who has no idea what to get for her boyfriend.

We don't really do much here for V day. Jeebus, didn't we just have Christmas?

Kathy said...

All of that snow!! I can't imagine it!