Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And then there was Peace

My daughter went back to school today! YEA!!! I had the entire house to myself all. day. long. What did I do with my free day, you ask?!?!? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! And I mean... nothing!!!!! It was glorious!

My 14 year old son called me from the bus on his way home telling me he wanted Taco Johns. He came home and whined for about an hour about being so hungry he couldn't walk, talk or move. Okay, he couldn't talk but he could whine like a 2 year old. This proceeded for an hour.

Naturally, we had Taco John's for dinner. And of course, we ate dinner at 4:30 pm.

I know that it is perfectly normal to give into your 2 year old acting 14 year old. Right?!?!?

Oh well, he shut up and I didn't have to cook. I think it's a win win. My husband is on his own for dinner, only he doesn't know it yet. Except I don't care. Because he is on my not so nice list at the moment.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not all is lost

Guess what?!?! No, really...guess! I will give you a minute.

Okay, you have your guesses ready?!?

If you guessed that my quiet time of all the kids going back to school was OVER practically before it even began... then you are right-a-mundo!

I got a call from the elementary school yesterday afternoon at 1:47 pm. My daughter was in the nurses office sick. YES S-I-C-K. ONE half day after being home for 10 DAYS of healthy living!!!!!!!!!!

Dear God, It's Me Onthegomom. Are you there??? Because I'm not feeling it.

So, my dear 10 year old is home with me today. She is sick. She has a fever, stuffy nose and a headache.

Lucky, lucky me.

On the up side, my 14 year old son is in the midst of a growth spurt. He has slept the past 2 days (except he is going to school). Last week he ate me out of house and home, so I knew this week he would sleep non-stop and barely eat, that is his growth spurt pattern. I know this, because he did it in January and grew 1 3/4 inches in 3 weeks. (NO LIE). So while he is going to school, when he is home he is asleep, all evening and all night. I love this stage!!!!!!!!

No news about the 18 year old, he does his own thing. This whole "I'm an adult thing" has worked quite well. He checks in with me, he pays for most of his own stuff, he goes to work when he is suppose to. It's great. Now, if I could get his friends out of my house it would be perfect.... well they are out now because they are all back in school, it's just the weekends and breaks.

But the cat is being good and I am loving him more and more each day :-)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Peace at last

Thank God, Thank God, Thank God!!!!! The kids went back to school today. I LOVE TODAY!

We had a low key Easter. Just went to my sister-in-laws house and home for the rest of the day. It was nice. FINALLY, all the kids had gone home by Sunday afternoon. So it was a peaceful evening.

Hope everyone had a very happy Easter!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lost but not gone

I've been gone for most of the month. I don't even know why really. I have had down days, my husband and I have had some marital struggles, I have been home (that is the really, really good thing!). This week is spring break in our area and since financially it wouldn't be a good idea to take any trips or anything, I have been hosting my daughter and my niece (same age, best friends) pretty much the entire week. Let's recap shall we:
Friday Through Wednesday - both girls here everyday, all day and all night
Friday through Right Now - 18 year old son, home everyday and most days has 1-3 friends over.
Friday through Monday - 14 year old son at friends house out in the country have a grand ol' time.
Monday through Right Now - home with his brother.
Wednesday through Right Now- Step son here.

That is a WHOLE house full of kids.

And that about sums it up for now... I promise I will be back much sooner!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Lil' Lost Boy

This is my little Lost Boy. I took the picture with my cell phone, so it's crappy but oh well. She performs tomorrow afternoon and is very excited about it.
I'm so proud of her!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

What would you do?

So, I am trying to get use to this being home thing. I've got the vegging out, do nothing all day D.O.W.N. P.A.T. Trust me! But geesh I can't do this forever.

Here are my ramblings... they may not make sense but I have to get them down to be able to sort through them and such.

Do I get another job right away? Well, I have been applying to several different places, but not so much as a phone call or email back in return yet. If I do stay home for awhile, I could finish my degree online (I have 8 classes left to have a double major). But this wouldn't start until May. So, my husband says we can take some of our tax return and use that for what would of been my income and live off of that. I have mixed emotions about that. I never wanted to spend it all, I wanted to save some. We don't have a huge savings, so if he lost his job...we would be screwed. But it would be so nice to stay home. I also feel some guilt with this decision too. It's almost as if I feel I am not worth it to be happy or have some relaxation time. I know that isn't the best way to think, but it does cross my mind.

If I do go to school, my student loans would stop so that would save us $$ each month, plus we could live off the extra money we get from the student loans.

It's all so up in the air. But I think I am leaning towards live off the taxes for a bit, go back to school in May and hope that some extra loan money will make up for the difference for the months I would be in school.

Does this idea sound crazy to anyone? Please give me your opinions and I won't be offended, I promise!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Nitty Gritty

I am officially unemployed. I went in Monday morning and gave my notice and was moved out of my office by 10:30 am. Which was followed by a trip to the mall and lunch with my husband after.

My job was with a medical clinic where I trained all medical staff on computer programs. Our entire departments hours varies depending on where we are at that day. If we are at an office that starts at 7:30, we start our day at 7 or 7:15, if it's 8, then we start our day at 7:45. So, when I am at my desk for a day, my start time is 7:30. Mind you our ENTIRE department follows these same rules not just me. I was wrote up on Friday for have 31 tardies. Yes, coming in at 8, when I had a training class from 8 to 5, coming in at 7:45 when the office doesn't open until 8. I was furious. Why would they single me out? Well, as far as I can tell, from my bosses comment of (and YES SHE REALLY SAID THESE WORDS), "you need to decide if this job is the right job for you. If you want to be a mother or work here. Go home and talk to your husband and decide". So of course, she was shocked when I gave my notice on Monday. Because, really she didn't mean it that way. UH, OK. Not sure how else anyone could really take that. She told me that I was wrote up because her boss didn't like my PTO balance (paid time off bank) and she felt I needed to boost it. Oh ok. So, um yea, I QUIT!

I have applied at a few places. My husband is being the bestest ever. He is so supportive and caring. I have been kind of taken aback, actually. Because he hasn't always been the sympathetic type! He says to take a few months off. I just wish I could justify that financially right now. But I am not ready to take a few months off. If this were May, yes, but not March. I still have stuff to pay! So, we will make do right now and I will look. But above all, it's really not up to me or him, it's up to the Man upstairs. It's all in His plan, really.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cutting my Losses

Tomorrow is a big day for me. I am quitting my job. I will post more afterwards. But it is well deserving and long time coming. This is a tid bit of a conversation between me and my boss Friday afternoon. Boss, "You need to decide if you want to be a mother or work here?". Me, "I don't need to think about that, I already know my choice" Boss, "Well go home and talk to your husband and let me know Monday" Me, "Well I don't need to talk to my husband to know which one I choose, but okay" And I walk out of her office.

I am quitting my job tomorrow AND my last day is tomorrow. They can kiss it.