Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And then there was Peace

My daughter went back to school today! YEA!!! I had the entire house to myself all. day. long. What did I do with my free day, you ask?!?!? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! And I mean... nothing!!!!! It was glorious!

My 14 year old son called me from the bus on his way home telling me he wanted Taco Johns. He came home and whined for about an hour about being so hungry he couldn't walk, talk or move. Okay, he couldn't talk but he could whine like a 2 year old. This proceeded for an hour.

Naturally, we had Taco John's for dinner. And of course, we ate dinner at 4:30 pm.

I know that it is perfectly normal to give into your 2 year old acting 14 year old. Right?!?!?

Oh well, he shut up and I didn't have to cook. I think it's a win win. My husband is on his own for dinner, only he doesn't know it yet. Except I don't care. Because he is on my not so nice list at the moment.


Cecily R said...

I give into the whine all the time...way too often. Jon ends up fending for himself too often too...bah!

Mary said...

Yum, Taco Johns! We don't have it here and so we pig out once a year when we go on vacation. Potato Ole's!

Glad your daughter is better. All three of mine are better and now the hubby is sick. He's coping pretty well while I ignore him and his germs. I'm done with sickies.

Valarie said...

I am always giving into the whine. I would rather give in than have my eardrums bleed!
Uh oh! What did the hubby do?!? It coulnd't be worse than leaving your daughters x-rays on the top of his car and driving off and having the garbage truck run over it?? :)

utmomof5 said...

Sometimes I will do about anything to get the whining to stop. In fact I jsut promised pizza for dinner -- just so it would stop.