Saturday, June 26, 2010

On the Move AGAIN

So I am moving. Again. I've been in our beautiful, wonderful townhome a year. However my marriage just couldn't make it. So in lieu of not being able to afford this place myself, my daughter and I are moving. Again. (Oh, I said that already...) We have a pool here, huge back yard that's like a park, 2 play grounds and a sand volley ball court and kids for my daughter to play with. And we are moving to another, smaller townhome...which I wanted it to be smaller, the place we are in is way to big for just her and I, so that's good, but we have no amenities, it's in a beautiful townhome community and I'm excited for the house itself, just not leaving all the "stuff" this one has. I am rambling and not forming coherent sentences at all.

So I will end with, I want to marry Neil from SYTYCD, yes he's half my age and I could probably technically be his mother, but I don't care, I love him. ROAR.