Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's only Tuesday?!?

It has been a hard week. It feels like Thursday afternoon to me... emotionally, mentally and physically. It's only Tuesday!

There is a person at my job that is mentally tiring. She basically verbally beats you up. I walk away feeling like I have two black eyes.

My personal life is going crappy. It's something I can't even talk about really. It's just emotionally raw right now.

We got 8 more inches of snow... but first we got freezing rain. NICE. We haven't gotten this much snow since I was a kid. It is CRAZY! My kids have missed more school this year than several past years combined.

AND when o' when will they fix spell check?!?????? *sniff*


girlymom said...

We had another snow day today- Ugh. I am fortunate that when the schools close down I can hibernate, I feel bad for my Hubby who has to go out in it- Yuck.

Kellan said...

I know - the spell check thing just makes me crazy too - what is up with that? I'm sorry you are having a bad time right now - I will keep you in my prayers and I hope things improve. It will be Spring before you know it - it will! Take care - Kellan

Bia said...

Hang in there, spring is just around the corner and springtime makes everything look a little better. (okay...I'll stop being a Hallmark card!)

Truthfully, though, sending good wishes your way. God bless.

calibosmom said...

Sorry you have to deal with this person! I'm going through the same thing with members of my extended family. Work can be tough though tbecause you HAVE to go to work-I can at least avoid family until major holidays. Just tell them you have a contagious fungus then hopefully they will leave you alone.

Stacie said...

i KNOW...the spell check is making me crazy...today I couldn't even linky up. GRRR.

Hang in there on the personal stuff, we are here if you need/want to talk it out. Girl I am the queen of raw rants..so I feel the pain. ;)

Jessica said...

HUGS for you~ I hope you can feel them. I am sorry like stinks right now for you.... Maybe you should have a call off day on Friday for yourself and relax... Make it one that isnt spent at home with the kids, DH etc.... One that is just for you.... As for the individual at work, kill them with kindness and be the bigger person (Or give them ex-lax brownies to make yourself feel better on Thursday and call off on Friday!)

Mary said...

I'm sorry you are having a bad week. If it helps any.... I have a black eye. Really. A real black eye.

So, now you only need to feel like you have one black eye cuz I've got the left eye covered!