Thursday, January 31, 2008

Letter to my son

Where does the time go?
Why do the days drag but the years fly?
How can 18 years be gone in a blink of an eye?

It seems like only a short time ago that I was young and in love.
Carrying you, my first child, in my womb.
Preparing and decorating your first room.

The love I have for you is more than mere words.
Your smile, your laughter, you becoming my mainstay.
Nothing could have prepared me for this day.

Remembering you toddling around the house
Saying Fe Fow on Feet
And eating your mac and cheese

Watching you learn to read at lightening speed
Learn your colors,
Your ABC’s.

Seeing you walk down the street for the first time to school.
Worrying out of mind to how your day will go
Counting the minutes until I see you out the window.

Sending my first born half way across the world
Watching you board an airplane for the first time
As I stand alone, left behind.

Praying each and every minute you were gone.
Such a short time for you
But forever, for me

Through tear laden eyes, watching you get on the bus for the first time.
Hoping, praying, wishing for your fast return
Nothing will ever stop my feelings of concern

Such excitement, just two short years ago.
On that first day, watching you drive down the street
My heart dropping down to my feet.

You are an adult, legal, can vote
Nothing can compare to this day, however
Where I pray that in your eyes I am not a failure.

You are the love of my life
A direct part of me
For always and forever, you will be my baby.


girlymom said...

This is such a beautiful tribute to your son~ I hope that he can truly appreciate it~ although that might not be until he himself is in your shoes.

I agree with you that the days drag on and on, but the years fly by~ thank you for the reminder to cherish every moment!

Stacie said...

this made me tear up....DAMN YOU. ;)

that is a beautiful tribute!

Cecily R said...

Holy crap and I am freaking out about Isaac turning ten. In eight years I will be a complete basket case!

Such a great tribute to your son. I guarantee you are not a failure. Not to him or to anyone who knows you (in real life or in blogland).

Jessica said...

Seriously... Did you really have to make us all cry???? I'm don't want to think about Alanna growing up! Great letter!

Kellan said...

Oh - my heart!!! This was such a beautiful love letter to your precious son. He sounds like such a blessing in your life and you are obviously very proud of him - how wonderful!! You sound like a wonderful mom!

I like the picture of you!! I so love seeing how everyone looks and so glad you put it up!

Have a good weekend. Kellan

Bia said...

Just beautiful! But you know what this you're going to have to write a lovely poem for ALL of your children when they turn 18! (It's so touching that they're all going to want their very own!)


utmomof5 said...

Very nice!! I your son will appreciate it. (at least someday =))


newduck said...

This really brought tears to my eyes. I keep reminding myself to appreciate the time I have with my baby before she's already grown up, and not wish the time away.

Mary said...

My daughter turns 19 in a couple of weeks and my other one turns 2 shortly after.

Now I read your blog and I'm a blubbering mess going forward and back!

Pennies In My Pocket said...

My baby isn't even 1 yet and now I'm all getting emotional about her turning 18! What a beautiful poem!!


Living With Cavemen said...

That's an awesome poem! Wow, where does the time go?