Friday, January 25, 2008

Six Inconsequential Things

I got tagged by two people to play Six Inconsequential Things about myself. (I am very popular, you know). Desirae at Burnt Cookies and Shelley at I Miss My Sanity tagged me. I have no idea what I am going to say about myself, this might take me a week to dream up something. But I will give it a whirl....

Here are the rules:

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Share six non-important habits/quirks/things about yourself

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1. (habit) I bite my fingernails. Not quite down to the cuticle but they are short. Two of my three kids bite theirs too and it drives me crazy. But what can I say to them, when I do it, too! I want to stop but I just can't. What can I say... I don't smoke, barely drink, don't do's my only vice!

2. (quirk) I have to have lotion on me at all times. If I run out and do not have any in my purse, I feel all panicky. I lurvvvve lotion! I use it about 10 times a day on my hands alone. I also lotion up every single morning and night before bed. Did I say I love lotion?!?

3. (quirk) Before I get into bed the covers and the sheets have to be made correctly (as in MY way) otherwise it drives me NUTS! I don't necessarily make my bed everyday but no matter what, before I get into bed, it will be made and tidied up for me to climb in! My husband on the other hand, will sleep with the covers all cockeyed and tangled and just a mess... seriously, what is wrong with him?!?!?

4. (quirk - geesh I have a lot of quirks apparently) When I get to work I have to open all my software applications in a certain order. Otherwise, it drives me crazy (not far to go, obviously). If for some reason, one freezes and I have to close it and then re-open it and it is then out of order, I am all out of whack. (Gawd, I need to get out more.)

5. (habit) I check my email routinely (i.e. obsessively) every day... all day. Very rarely do I go a single day without checking it. It kind of drives me mad (okay I sense a repetitive piece in all of my habits/quirks - just about everything drives me nuts/crazy/mad... hmmmmmm. Something to ponder) to think there might be an email that is waiting for my reply or someone (gasp) has left me a comment on my blog and I haven't seen it yet!

6. (thing about me) I love to text message. I admit it. I would rather text than talk on my phone. Not to brag, but I can text without looking at my phone pad - and I don't have the phone with the texting keypad - No sireeeeee, I text on my telephone pad. However, I do NOT text thousands of messages a month like my 14 year old does, but I have sent about 300 this month!

WOW, that was hard... but I did it. Probably because most of the things about me are consequential :-)

I will tag anyone that would like to participate. If you are having trouble with coming up with a post... then you can consider yourself tagged!

Thanks Desirae and Shelley for the tag!


Cecily R said...

You're like a teenager! I text message, but I have to look to do it. There's no way I could hide my texting from my history teacher in third period!!


girlymom said...

I am a horrible cell phone person, I can't text, forget that it has a camara, just found out about the calendar and calculator features, yeah I need to read the manual. I bite my nails bad too, and I can't quit- it sucks. Have a great weekend!!

Jessica said...

Funny enough, I got tagged with this also and almost tagged you as well!!! Hee hee!! Maybe we should form the nail biting club????? It would be like the hair loss club for men, only better!

Bia said...

I feel about chapstick the way you feel about lotion. I have a tube, purse, nightstand, kitchen drawer, etc.

And the bed thing...If I didn't do so in the morning, I will make my bed before I go to bed. I can't stand getting into an unmade bed.

Anonymous said...

i feel you on the text messaging, but I beat you on the numbers... my husband is military, and that's mostly how we talk when he's at work... can you say thousands at times? I swear.