Sunday, October 21, 2007

Update on the Junk Day Pick Up

I almost forgot! Today my precious saved items, items I have ever so lovingly kept over the course of 17 years (okay, a bunch of worthless crap in my basement, that I never go through because it scares me to be down there because of all the looming big boxes that surround you) got picked up today in our town's annual junk day.

1. It took 3 men to clean our property.

2. It took over 30 minutes for the above said 3 men to clean our property.

3. Those same 3 men had to push the squisher button on the garbage truck FIVE (yes, I counted!) times to get through all of our precious saved items (aka JUNK).

4. One of the 3 men that cleaned up our property had some sort of "tic". He shook his head violently several times during this time frame. With no disrespect to "tics", the first time I saw him shake I honestly thought the guy was having a stroke over my large pile. Thankfully it was just a disorder.

5. We had a CONTINUOUS stream of treasure hunters going through our precious saved items for 24 straight hours. (The garbage truck had to wait for a car to leave, so they could pull up and start their business!) And when I say continuous, I mean CONTINUOUS... all night and all day. I was amazed.

Hallelujah, I can say I accomplished something this weekend. Now if only I can tackle the gigantor pile of laundry, I will be on a super-hero level.


Travis Erwin said...

I guess the saying is true ... Another man's garbage is another man's treasure.

Look for some of your stuff on ebay next week.

Anonymous said...

I am a garbage collector - trust me, you'd be amazed at the size of some of the piles. We do get a lot of women though that stop to watch the tuck working, especially when furniture and large items are in the hopper.

How close to the truck were you standing when you saw them press the "squisher" button to force the pile down and squeeze it in?

Had a woman on Friday who was totally mesmorized seeing her couch, tv and bags go in up close.

Kathy said...

So true, you would be amazed at some of the things that sell on ebay. I buy and sell on there. Recently, I tried to buy a new computer monitor, they were going for $400-$500! Come on, I can buy them cheaper at the store! It's amazing! Glad to hear it's finished for you!!

Kellan said...

Funny post. I have so much junk in my garage right now we need to go through and get rid of - not doing it this weekend. Good for you - see ya.

onthegomom said...

Travis - I hope the future ebay auctions do well for them, it was earned. I mean going through that huge pile and finding a treasure, they deserve it!

Anonymous - Are you kidding me?!?!? I was hiding in my house watching behind closed doors. Hoping to God they did not know who lived here!

Kathy - That is crazy for a monitor! I did save a few key items back to sell on ebay. So by the time I have them on (I am hoping before 2007 comes to an end) all that work will be so much worth it with all the cash I will be bringing in. HA HA HA.

Kellan - pace yourself with your garage, it took me 17 years to get up the courage to go and do this.

Thanks everyone for the comments! I will be visiting your blog soon! :)

Liz said...

Your junk pile sounds much the same as our basement did up until last winter, when I decided to bribe Trey into helping me clean it up so he and his brothers and friends would have somewhere to go to run around like crazed lunatics until the snow melted! Congrats on the accomplishment!

Valarie said...

I wish my neighborhood had a junk day pick up! We don't have a basement, so all our junk collects in the garage. I have a path that is wide enough for a single file line to walk through. Each day when I walk through there with my children I have to say "Keep going! Keep going! Follow the light!"

Catracha at heart said...

I too wish we had a junk pick up day. I have to many kids to go to the dump, LOL. When I load up the car with the junk, there is no room for the kid, and when I put the kids in the car, there is no room for any junk. So my pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
(thank you for the comment. Today has gone MUCH MUCH better - I think being able to talk to my husband last night helped too. I wasnt supposed to be able to talk to him until Wednesday, but he was able to get to his parents house to use the phone last night, and I went to bed much calmer, LOL. He is having a hard time without us too - but its ok. I am confident these next 8 months will fly by - hoping anyway)

Holly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is hysterical.

I wish we had a junk day. I've gone through my garage so many times, it amazes me how much stuff I still have. So much of it I haven't ever even looked at since we moved a year ago. You'd think I could get rid of more of it.

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