Friday, October 19, 2007

World Record Holder

You are officially reading the blog of a World Record Holder. Yes....we hold the record of the most Junk on the curb of our town's Junk Day pick up. Although we will be given no official award, there is something to be said for just knowing you are the best at something!

Who knew that 17 years worth of storage could cover an entire property at the curb?

Who knew it would take 2 days and 3 people to carry said storage items to the curb of the property?

Who knew that when I graduated from high school (ahem... nearly twenty years ago) that I wanted to be a Legal Aid and have no children? 1. Since when did I ever have any interest in anything "legal" to begin with, apparently THAT day I did! 2. It should be noted that I had my child 20 months after my graduation (not counting being married 13 months after graduation, as well). WOW, I should of been a psychic! I missed my calling completely.

Who knew that pictures left in picture frames long enough (oh say 17 years) WILL be permanently glued to the glass?

Who knew that my hair really did use to make me stand... oh about 7 feet tall!?! (My kids thought that was particularly funny... so do you know what my rebuttal was back?? Oh, it's a good one... one MY MOM said to me growing up and I NEVER EVER believed her. "Oh laugh now, one day your kids will be laughing at your styles now". They never get it)

Who knew SO MANY people drove around said town looking through other people's "junk"? The old adage is true... one man's junk is another man's treasure.... because there are A LOT of treasure hunters out there tonight.

It has been a fun filled day! And one I do not want to repeat for, let's say, 17 years!

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Kathy said...

Wow! Sounds like a lot of stuff. I move too often to have that problem, but it feels like a lot when we do. As for the styles, I understand completely. My 12-year-old son calls me old and I'm not old, I guess at his age anything over 20 is old! lol. Good luck.