Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Flu Shots and Illness..

I hate needles. Needles make me woozy. The site of a needle makes my heart palpitate. I break out in a cold sweat. I feel my head start to spin. I do not take Flu Shots lightly. I just can't help it. I also CANNOT just go down an isle at the pharmacy/Wal-Mart/street corner drive thru (yes, I am serious, I have heard of this)... whatever and walk through and get a flu shot. I have to deep breath. I have to sit or lay down. I have to take a break after and gather myself. If not, I will indeed faint.

I got a Flu Shot yesterday. I got one for free at my place of employment. There is now a lump on my arm and it's red and slightly feverish.

I felt fine GOING INTO this flu shot thing. No symptoms of a cold. Nada... Nothing. I am getting sick NOW.

So now I have a red, lumpy sore arm. I have a stuffy nose, my throat hurts and I have been feverish all day.

Flu shots suck. I know they are suppose to be good for you. I know that a bazillion people will be saved by the flu shot. Nope, not me... I get sick from mine.

I am officially Debbie Downer from SNL.... waaaaaa whhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Liz said...

Sorry you don't do well with shots, and that you're having side effects from them. I'm lucky not to have problems with needles, especially since I get blood drawn at LEAST two times a year. Everyone in our family gets a flu shot because my husband is diabetic. No use in putting him in the hospital if we don't have to, right?

As for the counter and locator, go to bravenet.com and click around until you find something you like, then just copy and paste the code to the bottom of your HTML template. If you need more help, let me know and I'll try and be more specific :o) Thanks for leaving your location!!

Feel better soon!


Kellan said...

We love SNL - and I'm not bad at taking shots myself, but my hubby is a-fraddy-cat. Lots of people are - it's so common. At least now, it's over with. See ya.

Valarie said...

I used to HATE needles. Then I had problems with my first pregnancy and was stuck about a billion times and I got used to them. My daughter got the chickenpox from the vaccine. That sucked!
I am going in for my flu shot soon. I still have 2 children that have to get them too! Wish me luck!