Saturday, October 20, 2007

12 step programs for Blogging

For starters, let me just get this off my chest right now. I have been a total loser, lazy a** today. Seriously, I am not sure I could possibly get any closer to being a slug than I am right now!

I had such high hopes for me today. I really did. I got up ( 10 - okay but it's Saturday and my kids are all older and I can sleep if I want to! I've paid my dues.) Anyhoo, I got up and cleaned the kitchen... wow what a complete mess that was (i.e. ignored for 2 days due to large quantities of crap being lugged outside), sorted all of our laundry for the week (that's huge piles x5) and did two loads all by 11. This is where the story turns sour people.

For some unknown reason I thought I would log onto (or is it into??) my laptop and 'check my email'. HA... that was funny. I very rarely ever JUST check my email and by gawd if I have free time... I lose time on the friggin' Internet. And this new found Blog thing has me crazed. I am addicted and I need help. No really, I need some sort of 12 step program. Which I have never needed before now, but I do, I really do. Before I knew it, it was 3:30 pm. I was kidnapped and transported into some form of time warp. I am certain, I did NOT just spend 4 1/2 hours on here, I did NOT.

Lo and Behold, I am back on again... this evening. I did the motherly things today. I took my daughter to Nutcracker practice, picked up her new Nutcracker attire, took her to McDonalds where my oldest son is crew trainer, chatted with all his friends, came home and talked to my middle son about football and learned both of our state teams lost today, spoke to my husband about how freaking lazy and sick we are, he agreed wholeheartedly... yet continued playing WOW(for those of you that know what WOW means, my deepest apologies, as his addictions GO MUCH DEEPER THAN MINE). Oh and played my daughters home-made board game with her...luckily it was speedy and over before I even understood it. Ahhhh, I love that kid.


Rick said...

Thanks for the comment - you're an enjoyable write (and I'm not just saying that because you left kind remarks on mine) Some times we just need a lazy day.

suburbancorrespondent said...

Sucks you in, doesn't it? Very, very scary, I agree....

Please - what's WOW?

onthegomom said...

Suburban - first thanks for the comment! I love your blog!!!

Laughing about the "WOW"... World of Warcraft. My husband plays it and it should come with a warning of "highly addictive". I have met many, many WOW widows and I have to say, I am pretty close to being one. LOL