Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Soon there will be post in which I do not complain

So, I am sitting here doing homework and thought I would take a quick break and get my mind off of Not for Profit Accounting... which is just way too much fun.

I am just finishing up week 2 of my online classes...and holy cow was it a slap in the face back to reality. This crap is a lot of work!!!!!!!! Dang. So, I am spending Tuesday and Wednesday nights plowing through homework, postings and trying to get everything posted by midnight Wednesday. I do little things during the week and weekend but I am so busy most nights, I find myself falling asleep at my computer.

To add to my delight (misery), I have started an extreme bodyshaping class. I started that this week. It is intense kickboxing 3 days a week and resistance training 3 days a week (yes, that adds up to SIX days a week at 6 AM... go ahead... tell me, I know I am nuts). Plus on top of that they give a nutrition guide to follow as well. So, naturally I got sick this week and am coughing up a lung and have had 2 asthma attacks. Oh the joys of Murphy and his dumb a$$ law.

Oh and my frickin cat has fleas. How does an INDOOR CAT GET FLEAS?!?! So, off to the vet we went last week and got medicine, household spray for when they start jumping off of him.

And then we have everything else in my life, being a mother to 3, keeping up on my house (hahahahaha, I was laughing so hard I almost feel off my chair), cooking - which I have been doing more of due to this nutrition thing I am following, and working 40+hours a week. And I wonder why I can barely find time to breathe....


Stacie said...

all this chaos will pay off in the end....hang in there!

desirae said...

bodyshaping?? And nutrition?? I'm getting weak just thinking about it.. Ughh... Good job staying busy though (as in nooooo... room to relax.. lol.) See how much work being nutritious and healthy is?? I'd be cheating by eating chocolate, just to keep up my energy.. lol.