Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bacon Cheddar Cheese

Last night and tonight my daughter has been at my sisters house and both of my boys have been working. Which leaves me ALONE! Which would lead one to believe that I would actually get shit done. But nope. I have done NOTHING. Um, that would include shower or change. Yep, still in my sweat suit from last night.

So for dinner last night AND tonight I have eaten Bacon Cheddar Cheese and Ritz crackers. It's from Wisconsin. It's freaking good. Last night I had 4 glasses of wine with it too. Tonight I am having Lemon sparkling water - 1 liter of it. Probably to counter the wine from last night.

I have been watching movies and movies and more movies. I watched Nights in Rodanthe last night and I cried, no make that sobbed and bawled. (adding that to the list of movies I am incapable of watching - that includes PS I Love You, as well) Then I watched Cast Away on TBS, oh and I cried at the end of that too... when Tom Hanks is found and comes back to a married Helen Hunt (OMG... I cried). Tonight I am watching Old School with Will Farrell... I am sure I won't cry in THIS movie! My son rented W. (um he is NOT a W fan and since this was his first year to vote AND he voted in a monumental election AND voted for our new president, I am not sure why he rented this... but whateva). If I am in the mood I might watch that later, too. I live on the edge I tell you.

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