Thursday, December 6, 2007

Is This Normal?!?

Is it normal to be trying to fall asleep at night and thinking about all sorts of funny things you can blog about? Then wake up the next day and not remember ONE of them???? I sure hope so, because that is me.

We are expecting more snow today. YIPEE! It will now cover the driveway a.k.a. the ice rink and make it walkable. Good deal. The bad deal... it is 15 degrees out.

My daughter is sick. Sore throat, cough and frog voice. She has to dance on Saturday night. Why does Murphy love me so much? I mean what have I ever done to that man (and we ALL know he is a man!)? He is constantly dropping his 'law' all over my life?!!?! The really great news is... my husband stayed home with her and is working from home. My gawd, I did not want to use anymore PTO. I barely have enough to get me through the Holidays... with all this d*mn illness roaring through my house. Soon the state will be at my door, wanting to quarantine it off.

My mind is still racing with ideas on how to stay home... then I need not worry about PTO time and such nuances like that!

Stay warm everyone! (for those of you in Florida :-\~ ...sticking my tongue out at you ... in a friendly, I really do like you still kind of way!)


Staciesmadness said...

haha. yep, I do the same thing. ideas are abundant in the shower and when my head is laying on the pillow.

I wish there was an easy answer to staying home.

I really wish your kids would get healthy!

and BOOO on those floridians. ;)

utmomof5 said...

It's cold at my house too. I can really realate to the not remembering what youare going to blog about. I will think of something and by the time I get to my computer, it's gone. No where to be found.


girlymom said...

I hope your daughter feels better soon. It's no fun being sick. Big thanks shout out to the hubby. I am very fortunate to stay home, but their are times when the budget is tight and we have to really watch it. I hope everything works out for you.

Valarie said...

That was great of your husband to stay home with your daughter. And I thought I would just rub some salt in the wound and tell you that the high here today was 82 and I am in shorts right now. :) heehee

Holly said...

I do that! I have all these great blog ideas and then suddenly, they're gone. I hope your daughter is feeling better. It's no fun having sick kids.

onthegomom said...

Valarie - that comment was just for you! :-) 82 degrees?? Really?? *sigh* It was 17 degrees tonight when we went to eat. I bet seat warmers in your car aren't hot sellers in FL? I LURVE MINE!!!!!

Poltzie said...

I lay awake at night thinking about my facebook status and of course I can never think of anything in the morning. I like to think it's the whole pregnancy thing but I don't think my brain will return with labour!