Friday, December 7, 2007

A little bit of this... A little bit of that...

Some updates in my life:

daughter is better. YIPEE! She went to school today and all is well. I am going to have my husband stay home with all the kids when they are sick. He must have some magic potion or something. She is having a new friend spend the night tonight. It always makes me nervous when new friends come over. You never know how they are going to act or behave or think of to do, etc. I am pleasantly surprised. They have been playing nicely in my daughter's room. Playing school, dancing and just giggling hysterically.

My middle son is at his friend's house spending the night. They are going snowboarding tomorrow. With my oldest son at work, it's just the girls and the house is QUIET and ENJOYABLE. Life is good :)

My floor is still pink. But what the heck! I am guessing it will have the pink tint for another month. I am just not up to re-doing the kitchen before Christmas.

We are out of food again. Since I haven't been back to the store since this post, it's understandable. I get to go grocery shopping tomorrow morning and run to the dance supply shop because my daughter needs new pink tights for her performance in the Nutcracker tomorrow. Nothing like good ol' fashion procrastination!

My oldest got his acceptance letter to the Junior College he is going to this fall. That was exciting news. He is going to go to 2 years at the Junior College and live at home and then transfer to a 4 year college. I am sure he will stay around here. In his words, "I am going to mooch off of you for as long as I can". Well... at least he's honest. Right?? Right?!?!? He has 10 days left to go to school. He is graduating early. He will still graduate with his class in May, but he will be done with school December 21st. I think I am still in shock about this. I mean, I am old enough to have a son that is GRADUATING. WTF happened there? It is true, they grow up so fast. In my head he is still 8... but with a drivers license. I am making no sense, so I should probably stop now.

Last but not least, I would like to give a shout out to my blog friend Valerie who informed me that it was 82 degrees today in Florida where she lives and she wore shorts. It was 17 degrees here and I wore my winter coat, sweater, scarf, gloves and boots and still froze and prayed I didn't fall on any ice or get snow in my boot. Thank God for seat warmers... my tush was toasty warm while I was driving!


Mary said...

Wow, Graduating!!! My daughter graduated this past spring and I still can't believe it! She's living at home and going to a JC. Middle daughter will do the same. Baby daughter will start kindergarten in 2011. Wow - I'm nuts!!!

desirae said...

Congrats on your son graduating, and on his acceptance letter. I love how he was honest about mooching.. I wish I had been that smart. I'm with you about the scarves, coat, gloves, and praying you don't slip. I'm over it.. Come on summer.

Bia said...

Don't think of it so much as mooching as that your son loves his family! Right? That's a good thing!

It's not as warm here as it is in Florida . . . we do have to wear a lightweight jacket. Some are still wearing shorts. I keep saying I wish for snow, and then again, I'm not so sure. I FREEZE when the temps get below 65. I'm kind of wimpy that way.

Glad your daughter is better. Hey, and a pink floor is not so bad. I heard a stylist once say that as we age, pink is a flattering color as it helps us glow. Okay then, consider that your floor is taking 10 years off your age!

God bless.

utmomof5 said...

Glad to hear everyone is feeling better. Maybe you guys can stay that way for awhile. (Knock on wood)

Some people pay money for a pink floor and you have better story than them as to how you got it. =) I don't know anybody personally who paid for a pink floor but I am sure someone has.

It is snowing like crazy here so I feel your pain. I hate cold and snow unless I am on the slopes!


Valarie said...

Congrats to your son. That is exciting. We are out of food too. I was just not in the mood to fight the walmart crowd today, either. Thanks for the shout out. :) The warm weather is really nice, but we don't ever get to go sledding or make a snowman. My younger kids won't even know what real snow looks like. I do miss being able to play in the snow. :)

Lucille said...

Kudos on your son! And it is cold in Wisconsin too and I wonder why anyone lives here? I wonder this every year and yet I am here with many friends already in Arizone and Florida!

Thanks for the reminder...I have to go to the grocery store tomorrow for almost everything. Ugh!

Kellan said...

Yep - it was hot here today too and I was so jealous when I read that your son was going snow boarding - we love to ski in our family and have to go all the way to NM or CO to go skiing - my girls would love to be snow boarding every day with your son! Congrats on the acceptance for College - I too had all of my credits early and was out early like he will be - cool in a lot of ways. We have had a crazy busy day and tomorrow is much the same. Hope your Sunday is a good one. See you later. Kellan

Staciesmadness said...

oh, yeah, I feel so sad for Valarie ;) :P

Honestly, I think I would miss this weather too if I moved. Sure would be nice to be in shorts for Christmas though...but then I would acutally have to shave. Yeah, maybe cold winters aren't so bad ;).

I am glad your daughter is feeling better.

Darla said...

All I can say is I AM SO COLD!!! I don't know what the temp is right now but I do know that if I go look, it will only depress me! It's that kind of cold that when you walk outside, your nostril hairs freeze!!!!

girlymom said...

Very exciting for your son! I wish I had gone that route with college, and hope my children consider it as well. Thanks for the reminder to buy tights. My daughter has a perfomance coming up this Saturday and she just busted a hole in her tights!

Jennifer said...

Something I though about while reading your post - you had PINK paint spill on your floor, and your daughter needed pink tights. If you ahd thought about it, you could have used a pair of tights that were whatever color to mop up the PINK paint, then you wouldn't have to go and buy PINK tights, LOL.

Congratulations to your son! Itsnt it crazy how fast life goes once you have kids. I swear it gets worse with each child.


suburbancorrespondent said...

We're doing the junior college to university plan also - so much cheaper! I don't want my kids starting their adult life saddled with loans.