Friday, December 14, 2007

No tree, More snow & Freezing temps

My sister was over tonight. She yelled at me. "When are you going to put up your f*&%ing tree" (She is a rebel like that, very naughty... bad language and all, and a loud mouth to boot...but gawd she is family so I have to love her.) So, yes, I do not have my tree up. I suck. And believe it or not, my daughter, the only one that gives a rats behind about the tree, hasn't asked in like 3 days about it. I have to get my tree up this weekend. And we are so busy this weekend, I am honestly not sure how that is going to happen but I have to work my mom magic and MAKE it happen! But what I really want to do is bury my head in the sand!

In more weather related news: (which I know your are all dying to hear) it was 9 degrees when I got in my car this morning and 17 on my home... yep down 20 degrees. With new ice spots all over. THEN.... we are expected to get even more snow tomorrow. YEA ME! Seriously folks, its *only* December. We have gone many Decembers recently with no snow or very little snow. Then we get some snow in January, some in February, a little in March and a couple times, small amounts in April. But this December has taken the cake of the crappiest month in a very long time. I think this is part of my problem this year, dealing with a stressful job, the holidays are always stressful and then all this snow and ice is freaking nuts and pushing me right over top. Believe me, I didn't have far to go.

My son went to the movies with his friend that is a girl, he's not home yet. Little Brat. He BETTER be at the late movie, which I suspect he is since they didn't decide to go to the movie until a little after 7 and they had to drive there. I just hate him out this late and I want to go to bed. Long are the days when they were toddlers running around my house like mad men and I knew who they were with and where they were at all times!

My oldest son has 5 days left of school. I told my husband to not be surprised if I spent my day on Friday crying. He didn't get it, so I had to spell it out for him. My OLDEST son is DONE WITH SCHOOL. It's kind of a big accomplishment and it makes me a little nostalgic, very proud and frankly, shocking that I am the mother of a high school graduate. That's some big things right there. He says, "I will never understand women". No honey, you never will!


Stacie said...

you aren't old enough to have a high school graduate are you? ;)

That is great, I would be crying too, it is an accomplishment and a monumental stepping stone to him moving OUT.

I am just kidding. I would be a blubbering mess, so next friday I will share a tear with you.

Now go get your tree up.

Mary said...

I begged and pleaded with my daughter to please flunk her core classes! Please!!! Stay in high school one more year!!! But no, the little stinker graduated just fine. I hope you get through Friday without too many yanks on your heartstrings!

Merry Treeless Christmas from one treeless house to another! I'm staying treeless this year though - You rock for putting it up!

Shelley said...

No, you can definitely not be old enough to have a high school graduate. What'd you do, have him when you were 12? ;)

I will be there in about 2 1/2 years, and I can't even imagine. I will most likely be a mess too.

I'm sorry the weather is pushing you over the edge. You sound exactly like me when it's 115 here and I feel like I can't take one more minute of it. Different extremes, same emotions, I'm sure.

Do you ever wonder how our parents even let us out of the house without cell phones? I know I feel better when my daughter goes out, knowing that I can contact her. Yes, she could be untruthful about where she is or what she's doing (I hope not, but she could), but at least I can talk to her, know she's ok, you know?

Now...go put your tree up. LOL

Kellan said...

I know you are probably not excited about he snow - but I love hearing about it, cuz no snow for me. And, I know it must be hard to imagine your son finishing up school - I can only imagine. Hope you all have a good week. See you soon. Kellan