Friday, December 28, 2007

It's my party and I will cry if I want to

Hi, my name is onthegomom and I am addicted to Rock Band. *Hi, onthegomom and welcome*

No pictures yet... haven't downloaded them.

My house looks like a hurricane hit it. Seriously, there is stuff everywhere!!!!! Since I have had to work everyday, but Christmas day itself, the kids have drug their crap everywhere and LEFT IT! I have news for those little hoodlums... they are helping me clean on Saturday.

I didn't play Rock Band last night. I spent my time pouting in my bedroom, watching Sex and the City and eating McDonalds and chocolate (not necessarily at the same time). 4 episodes. The last 4 episodes. So I spent my time pouting in my bedroom, watching Sex and the City and crying. I cannot watch that show enough. It makes me smile, laugh, and cry ALL AT ONCE!

So, you ask... why am I pouting? Oh nothing new there. Just my no good, terrible, crappy job. I had a serious heart to heart talk with my husband last night (after the pouting, SATC and crying). I won't go on and on about it, because frankly, it's rather boring. But let's just say it has to do with .3 (as in 1/3 of an hour) hours of PTO, holidays and a b*tchy boss.

More importantly, there are some big changes comin' around the bin in '08! My husbands supports my decision of leaving this place. Of course right now he wants me to get another job. My goal here: to cut back enough that I can either work part time or none at all and show him we can make it. I feel like this, the kids won't be kids forever and I want to be home with them. There is plenty of time to work and make money and move up in the world or whatever...after they are grown. Right now, I just want to be their mom. Quite honestly, I have never had that opportunity before him and I am practically craving it.

So, this weekend will be busy, busy, busy for us. Saturday- clean the house, take down the tree, do 945 loads of laundry (fold and put away). Of course, my sister (the same one that asked when I was going to put the *expletive* tree up) asked when I was going to take mine down - hers was down the 26th. (I pretty much hate her) I told her it might not come down until February, since it took me so long to get it up. She didn't even laugh. She said "Probably". WOW, she is hard core.

Lastly, Sunday we are going to see the Rockettes! I am sooooooooooooo excited. (might as well end this downer of a blog on a high note, right?) I have heard the show is incredible and it is going to be so much fun. My daughter was invited to go dance at a Rockettes clinic yesterday. It was suppose to be ages 12 and above, but she was asked to go. She said she had a lot of fun. My best friend took her with her own daughter. So the way I see it, my weekend is filled with laundry and Rockettes. It ain't half bad!


girlymom said...

Take the good with the bad right?! I hope everything gets figured out ok for ya. Don't worry about the tree, it took us till Feb last year to take it down, the darn thing is still in the backyard (we live in the city, it's not pretty) I am hoping that when this year's tree comes down, that maybe last year's tree will go too! My Hubby has a thing for trimming the trees in the back and then leaving all the branches, kinda trying to "tuck" them around the shed, what is that decoration? I don't get it, but as soon as the snow is gone, he will be out there clearing up the mess he made...darn 3-6 inches tonight!

Kellan said...

WEll ... chocolate, McDonalds and Sex and the City - that's a pretty good evening - aside from the crying. I'm sorry about that. Just keep thinking of ways to cut corners and you should be able to figure out how to manage - I did the very same thing (15 years ago) when I had decided that I wanted to stay home with my twins and it was tight at first, but we managed and adjusted and I am still home with my kids. Take care and have fun on Sunday - I'm doing the same chores as you on Saturday. Kellan

Stacie said...

ok, me LOVES sex and the city, I laugh, cry at the same time too. I love that show.

I really hope you and hubby can come up with something that works for all of you! it's fun, eh?

And you tell your sister, the tree stays UP...until you are GOOD AND READY to take it down ;). Afterall you DID just put it up. ;)

Bia said...

Going to see the Rockettes? Wow! I'm green with envy!

Anyway, you should tell your sister that the Christmas season isn't "officially" over until January 6th with the Epiphany (the Feast of the Three Kings) you see, you're right to keep it up, after all!!

BTW, congratulations on your daughter being cast in Peter Pan. You must be very proud!

God bless!

Cecily R said...

Oh poo on your sister! I have decided that my tree is staying up until the second of January when the kids are in school. It'll be faster and less of a headache. That and I'm sort of fond of the tree lights in the evening. So there.

Sorry about the crying but the rest of the evening sounds pretty ok. I really REALLY hope you can manage to stay home this year.

Have fun at the Rockettes!

Kathy said...

Wow, Rockette clinic? She must be good, I hope she had a lot of fun. As for the rest, it's okay. We all need that time now and again. My show of choice is Law & Order!

utmomof5 said...

I am sending you ((big hugs))!!! I hope you can find a way to stay home with your kids.

My tree came down yesterday becasue it was driving me crazy!! My 3 year old wouldn't leave it alone!! Tell your sister to jump of a cliff and that you really like your tree and it may just be there until the 4th of July.