Thursday, December 13, 2007

Let us Rejoice...

Today was an excellent day... it got above freezing and all (yes I said ALL) of the ice is off of my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah and praise God! Oh and I didn't cry once today :)

As I was driving down the interstate today, CHUNKS of ice is flying off my car. You first hear a little crack and then a whoosh. At first, I thought an alien had landed on my roof or something… but I thought… NO, that can’t be. Then I figured it out (when I looked in my rearview mirror and saw flying chunks of ice). What a fun day!

The temperature gauge I have in my car read 37 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!! I was ready to get my shorts and flip flops back out. Tomorrow’s high - 20. *sigh* Which means, we will have ‘black ice’. Where stuff has melted but you can’t tell it’s melted and then froze back over… fun stuff! But that doesn’t matter because today it was 37.

In other non-weather related news: (which these days are few and far between, believe me. The kids wake up everyday now asking if school is cancelled. Um, ONE day doesn’t constitute everyday folks.) My son gave his senior presentation yesterday and got an A. YIPEE!!! I think he just might pull this off and graduate. (Really he’s a good student I just like to joke like that.)

I have my yearly meeting with my middle son’s teachers tomorrow to discuss the plan for the next year. He has problems reading and we plot an action plan each year. He has blown away his goals for this year, so I am hoping we can up the ante a bit.

My daughter was hysterical today after school. She got reprimanded by her teacher today (which this teacher is a GREAT teacher, my middle son had her and loved her and my daughter loves her too), she didn’t get a piece of homework done, which is not like her, and she was just devastated that she got in trouble and I had to sign the paper that stated she got in trouble and you would of thought the world was coming to an end. I guess this is better than when my middle son did this and he was like, “whatever”. At least she cares…. But a bit too much!

In Ballet News: (seriously who else could write that…lol). My daughter is trying out for another professional ballet on Sunday. This is with the other professional dance company in town, I am nervous for her but she is really excited… cuz I don’t let on I am nervous, I just keep it all bundled tightly up inside and then spill it on my blog! So, she never knows :)

And that’s all folks……


girlymom said...

WOW, good luck to your daughter, that is very exciting for her. Congrats to your son on his project, nice to have that over with. I have speech evaluations coming up and 2 of my girls are in the classes and have blown them away with their progress. Feels good huh!

Stacie said...

good luck to your daughter.

I was the type of student that she is too, I would be devastated to be in any kind of trouble.

WOOHOO on the senior project. That is awesome!

Hell, our schools haven't even had to close ONCE this year and my kids still ask if it is cancelled. LOL

Shelley said...

Oh, good luck to her! Hey, it's Sunday...let us know how it went!

And I wish I could work up some sympathy for your freezing temps, but I really want to live where it snows... :) But, I hope that's a dash and not a negative sign right before the 20 degrees!

Jennifer said...

Somehow I am missing when you update your blog. Thelast update I got was the let it ice, let it ice once. Bah. Anyway.. Good luck to your daughter!

My just turned 10 yr old daughter is the same way when she gets in trouble. You would have thought the world had come to an end. It has to be a girl thing, LOL.