Thursday, November 1, 2007

Back in the swing of things.

Yep, I am back, almost to normal. Whatever that may be. I am almost giddy tonight. This is what oxygen depratvation to your brain lungs do to a person, I guess... and mix in some great cough syrup and voila... you get giddy.

My daughter is counting down to so many things in the next month and a half, it almost makes ya dizzy. She has Thanksgiving and Christmas, of course. She also has High Musicial on Ice to look forward to right after Thanksgiving... that alone right there is enough to just about put her over the top. We have HSM 1 on DVD and HSM 2 on Tivo. Yes, even I know the words to all those damn songs. So, at least when we go to the Ice show, I can sing along! YEA ME! Then after that, she is in our statewide professional dance company's production of Nutcracker. For all of you Nutcracker fans out there, she is in the Waltz of the Flowers in Act 2.

My oldest is graduating at mid-term next month. In the past 2 days I have had an overwhelming amout of panic. There is SO much to do in order to graduate. I do NOT remember this much crap my mom and I had to do my senior year, but maybe I am just in denial or have had a significant amount of memory loss. We do have his senior pictures done. However, I do still need to send them into the school for the yearbook. The deadline is November 6th... hey I still have 5 days! I also have to order his announcements and cap and gown and tassle and designer souviener pen and address labels and a shot of tequilla... oh wait, no.... that's not left to order! That's to DO, so I am not aware of how much freaking money I am spending every minute on this graduation! Not to mention his senior project and presentation, the packet was brought home last night.... we will be going through it this weekend. Seriously, the anticpiation is killing me.

Luckily, my middle son is grounded from running away this past weekend. Albeit, not from my house (feeling rather superior about that), but nonetheless the brat ran away... so punishment is in order. So ALL I have gotten from him in the past 2 days is, "I'm bored, This is dumb, I hate life, What's to do?, What can I eat?, HOW LONG AM I GROUNDED FOR AGAIN??"

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