Sunday, November 4, 2007

I Did It... I Did It!

I am so proud of myself... and really it is all about self-satisfaction and approval, right?!? I did ALL my laundry this weekend. I mean ALL! As in, all the sheets, all the dirty clothes, all the towels, all the blankets the kids drag all over this house and (you really should sit down for this part) I FOLDED IT AND PUT IT AWAY! Now, to some this is a weekly thing and I congratulate you on your outstanding accomplishment. But for ME, I usually get SOME of the laundry done. It goes something like this: Some kid, "Mom, I have no jeans". Me, "Crap" and I find as many jeans as I can to make a really big load to do, which may or may not get folded and put away. Whew, task accomplished. OR I get most of the clothes clean, so we all have something to wear... but it may or may not (more of the not's I am afraid to say) gets folded and put away. And when the sheets seem like they need washed... I throw them in, get them in the dryer and then throw them back on the bed. But RARELY do I get it ALL done in one weekend. Wash it all, fold it all and put it all away. I almost feel like I won the lottery. Okay, well maybe not that great, put pretty darn good.

On top of this great feat I mentioned above. My kids actually did most of their lists I made them. My 2 boys did 2 out of 3 things on their lists and the third one was attempted just not completed very well.

My daughter had ONE thing on her list... I want to be able to walk through her room. Here is what she did (and I am NOT making this up): 1. made a list of everything she needed to do in her room (and people say she takes after me... HA I say) 2. put her books on her shelf. 3. dusted her 'stuff' (i.e. TV, shelf of dance trophies and knick knacks). 3. cleaned her windows with Windex. 4. Had such an enjoyable experience cleaning her windows with Windex she proceeded to clean all the windows in the front of the house (okay, first off she stands about 4'5" and so the windows are cleaned about 4'5" off the ground and no where else) 5. made her bed 6. came out to help me cook dinner 7. watched Disney Channel. So, I can still NOT walk across her floor, but who can complain about an almost 10 year old on such a humongous cleaning spree! ::snort::

However, my husband did NONE of the items I had listed for him to do. And he said to me, "I thought you were going to help 'daughter' with her room, doesn't look like much got done". In case you wondered, yes he is still alive.... however if daggers could really come out of my eyes he wouldn't of been.


Bia said...

You know, I have absolutely no problem with doing the laundry, in fact, I'm excellent at throwing in a load or two between other chores, but it is the folding and putting away that is the problem! So congratulations on accomplishing the entire laundry thing!

desirae said...

Congratulations.. I am extremely envious of the fact that all your laundry is done, AND put away.. I'm planning on making laundry my new years resolution, (either that, or throwing all the dirty away, and starting over.. that's more probable).Anyways, high five, and good job..

Kellan said...

(okay, first off she stands about 4'5" and so the windows are cleaned about 4'5" off the ground and no where else - this was so funny! What a productive weekend and so nice to check off those things on the "List" - I too am a list maker. Have a good day.

Valarie said...

hehe. I got through my entire pile of laundry about a month ago and realized I didn't have enough hangers to put all the clean clothes on when they were ALL clean at the same time.

utmomof5 said...

I am so jealous, if you have nothing to do next weekend I can give you directons to my house. That is truely an impressive accomplishment. Give yourself a high five and then go take a bubble bath!!

Holly said...

Pat on the back for you! You go!

I love getting the laundry done! I did all the sheets today and got all the beds remade before it was bedtime! Fall has arrived, time to get out the flannel sheet and extra blankets.

Family Adventure said...

Can I just say that I love the label 'dumb husbands' on your post here? How apt! I share your pain.

Love your blog. Will be back!


Kathy said...

I do laundry every weekend and most weekends it actually all gets done, but there is the occassional weekend we go out of town or something and it just sits. My problem is during the week. I do not do laundry M-F unless I have to, then it gets washed and dryed and sits in the dryer for a week! I completely understand not wanting to fold and put away, I hate that part! My biggest thing is I clean and clean on Saturday and by Mon. or Tues. people are asking if I ever clean! Congrats on getting it all done!