Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The things you teach your kids.

Is it bad that just yesterday I realized that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK?!?!? NEXT WEEK!!!! How did that happen. It was just Halloween. I will not tell you that my Halloween decorations are still up. (I was sick, okay. That's my story and I am sticking to it) I said to my 17 year old son last night, "so you think I should just leave the Halloween decorations up straight through Thanksgiving and then take them down and go straight to Christmas ones?" He says, (straight faced), "Yes and then when you take the Christmas ones down you can put those back up." Nice. This is what I have taught my kids. Sarcasm and quick wit (HA HA).

I have to go on a diet when the holidays are over (hey , one is next week, ya know). I have my 20 year class reunion this next summer. I need to lose about 100 lbs in about 5 or 6 months. Do you think that is possible? Try to let me down easy, okay.

One big problem with losing weight is I LURRRRVE food. I love all types, styles, whatever, I pretty much love it all. Oh and also, my best friend from high school is the EXACT SAME SIZE that she was in high school (skinny, very skinny). Yes, I still love hate her and yes since she is my best friend I have to sit next to her skinny a**. Seriously, I am the fat friend now (I'm Monica and she's Rachel). You think that would be incentive enough to prevent me from shoving a cookie in my mouth. Not so far.

Well, I am off to bed to dream about pecan dessert bars that we had at work today (think pecan pie but to GO...genius) and ways I can continue training my kids.


Valarie said...

Yeah, I am the "Fat" friend as well. But that is because most of my other friends have not had a baby yet and I just popped out 4 in less than less than 7 years! Good luck with the diet thing.....oh, and the smart mouthed teenager thing too! :)

girlymom said...

I just had a reunion last summer, (10 year)it was interesting to see how people have changed and yet some not at all. Mostly I enjoyed seeing who had families, where they were living now and such. At the time I had 3 children and everyone else was pretty much on their first or just talking marriage...I went home feeling like the overacheiver...I now have 4 and pretty much stun anyone I run into. I was happy to have the extra pounds and show off my children, I can't imagine not having them. Reunions aren't all about weight, go and have a fun time!

Kellan said...

Cute post - and I too have only just realized that Thanksgiving is next week (all kids will be home day after day after day after day ...) - Take care.

Holly said...

I didn't go to my 20 year reunion. Didn't feel bad either. I need to lose about 50 lbs. But, I'm sitting here on the computer instead of walking the track. What does that tell you?

utmomof5 said...

You can totally do it!! How great would it be to show up all skinny(yet still healthy) like your friend!! You go girl!!


Stacie said...

awe, best of luck losing the weight, it is so hard. I fool myself all the time, just one more cookie and then I SWEAR that's it. YEAH Right.

BTW, found you at Organized Doodles.

Cecily R said...

I just realized how close it was too. In our defense it's early this year, but still. Totally crept up on m e too.

I just took down the glow in the dark skeletons last week. :)

Jennifer said...

Hey I have some of those too. Only mine arent teenagers. Mine range from ages 2 - 12. My 1yr old and newborn still havent learned how to be a smart*** yet, LOL. I have a shirt that I got at Wal-Mart that has a picture of a donkey on it (or an a** if you will) and below it it says I Am A Smart One, LOL. So my kids get it honest, LOL.

Losing weight, I am right there with you. I actually have a seperate blog dedicated just to that - if you are interested in reading it its

And I always have been the fat friend, LOL.

Manic Mom said...

I'm sooo with you on the food. I made a double batch of homemade choc chip cookies today--that's like 10 dozen! I probably really and truly ate 18 cookies. That is NOT including probably seven balls of cookie dough.

My belly fat is hanging over my jeans--just training for Thanksgiving!!!

suburbancorrespondent said...

Hooray! Your comments section finall let me in! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Drop on by Poppy's blog "The Opiate of the Masses." She's doing weight loss posts all month long and she's funny. I like Weight Watchers - they are the most sensible and realistic; but if you aren't determined to stick with it, it won't work. It does feel good to lose the pounds though, from what I remember. For various reasons, I've put mine back on; but I'm waiting until after the holidays to drag myself shamefacedly back to the WW meetings. Because I'm realistic. And I want my Christmas cookies, dammit.

onthegomom said...

Manic - Your comment cracked me the he** up!!!!!!

Suburban - YEA... YOU ARE BACK!!!! Makes me happy :)

Bia said...

I keep reading about endorphins, and I can't find them. Or is that the incredible high you get when you're DONE exercising. Because if they are, then I have them!

Shelley said...

Hey, I've always been the fat friend. It's awesome in high school:

Boy - "Hey, can you ask your friend soandso if she likes me?"

Me - (in my head) "No, you chicken-shit SOB..ask her yourself!" Reality - "Um, ok"

I never watched Friends much, but there was that one thing that totally cracked me up. There was one episode where they were watching old movies of prom, and Courtney Cox (Monica?) Chandler's like "Wow Monica, you were really...big." Or something like that. And she says "Oh, come on, you know the camera adds 10 lbs." And without missing a beat, he says "So how many cameras were actually ON you?"

Yum to pecan bars! If you figure out a way to lose 100 lbs in six months, please let me know. Actually, if I could lose about 60, I'd be quite happy.

I hate people that are the same size that they were in high school. That's just not normal.