Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Russian Meal

Well, I survived my Kid Free night... barely, but I did.

First, the Russian meal was excellent. It was A LOT of potato, dough, with meat type of stuff. Like different versions of Perogies, but just called different things. One was a little dumpling like thing with hamburger and seasoning in it.... it was good. (One had lamb in it too, but I couldn't bring myself to eat it... I only eat hamburger, steak, chicken and few seafood items.) She made a dumpling like thing (but bigger than the previously mentioned dumpling like thing) stuffed with mashed potatoes and cheese and some was very good. Then she made a BIG dumpling like thing and it was filled with hamburger, cheese, green peppers and more spices and this one was deep fat fried.... so of course it was my favorite. She also made these rolled up dough things with cabbage and hamburger and we ate those cold, it was good. She had smoked a trout (I am not a huge fish fan) and when they smoked it was smoked whole... as in it had it's head and everything (I had to walk away from the kitchen so I didn't know how the fish ended up on the plate... if I don't know I will be more apt to eat it). It was served cold as well, it was good, but would of been better if it were warm. She made homemade Russian salsa... which is much like regular salsa, except a few different spices and it was not chunky, it was VERY good. She made everything by hand, which means I will never, ever be able to invite them over to my house, because I can cook but I don't like to cook and I cannot make stuff from scratch... usually. She cooked for 2 days to have us over... talk about pressure for me to perform next time... ugh. But all in all it was an excellent dinner. OMG...the Vodka and Russian thing is soooooooooo true, between my husband, her husband and the russian... they drank a whole big bottle. Wowza.

That was the good part of the evening. Apparently my husband interpreted Kid Free as let's get drunk and stay out until 3 AM. I was freaking exhausted and have I mentioned I have been sick for 3 flippin' weeks. I mentioned at midnight I wanted to go, his response, "Oh babe we will leave in just minute, let's just go out on the deck in front of the fire (did great things to my asthma, let me tell you) for just a little bit. Okay, because I love this man and signed a legal agreement to be with him for the end of eternity, I did it. Thennnnn at 1:33 AM I said, I am tired and I really want to leave. He says, "Okay, John is going to show me this one thing and then I promise we will leave". Thennnnnnnn at 2:00 AM I said, I want to go to bed, can we please leave. He proceeds to become offended and so with him be huffy, we did finally leave. I crawled in bed at 2:44 AM. I had to get up at 7:30 to go get my daughter to take her to a dance thing this morning, I was not happy with him and I am still not happy with him. I cried all the way home (with me driving, of course), I cried because I was sooooooooo tired and couldn't think of a better way to stay awake. I am currently not really speaking to him at this point... not the total silent treatment as that would be bad for the kids to witness but definitely the cold (below freezing cold) shoulder.

Oh yea and one more thing about the food... she cooked enough to feed about 20 people (there were 4 adults and her 2 small children). So, she sent us a grocery sack full of ziploc baggies full of food. I can feed my family for the next 3 days on this stuff... that is if I can get my kids to eat it, which is most likely not going to happen.

So, that my friends was my weekend. For better or worse, they say.


Kellan said...

"Wowza!" - having fun is a lot of work and tiring - huh? I liked hearing about the "russian" - hope you have recovered - it sounded fun. See ya.

Valarie said...

Yeah, staying out 'til 3AM isn't what it used to be, huh??

I tagged you for a meme.

Mary said...

oh, yum, the Russian food sounds great!

I did that a few times, stayed out way later than my body could handle. I have an off switch and its on an automatic timer. When we were dating my husband used to take me home just before midnight and then he'd go back out. I think that's why I married him.

He's tried a few times to get me to stay out late with him. Like those type of nights when its a long drive home and too inconvenient to take me home and go back out.

Those were the nights I thought to myself "hey, he's a big boy, he can own his own problem" and I left him at the party. I only have to do that once every 5 years or so. He always manages to find his way home sooner or later.

Just grab the keys and go home. If he misses his ride, well, that's life. He'll be fine. Sure beats waiting!

Glad to hear you are feeling better!

utmomof5 said...

I don't think I could stay up that late if my life depended on it. I am just not a teenager anymore.
I tagged you too before I realized Valerie did! We don't expect 16 reandom things 8 will be fine. =)


Cecily R said...

Your labels at the bottom of the page makes me laugh.

I have cried more than once because I was so tired... Is it any wonder that our kids are ornery when they don't get enough sleep?

Jennifer said...

Man, it sounds like you had a great night! (other than being out so late) The food sounds yummy, and vodka. I used to be able to handle vodka back when I was 18 or so. Something happened along the way and I became a mean woman when I had vodka, LOL. So now when I drink, (which is hardly EVER) its with my friend, Jose. Jose Cuervo, LOL.