Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Next Few Weekend of Fun

I am pretty excited. Next weekend I am taking my daughter to High School Musical on Ice. No seriously, I am excited. I think it will be cool and fun. My sister and her daughter (same age as my daughter and best friend, along with being cousins) are going too. I will be sure to fill you in :)

Then, the 2nd weekend in December my daughter is performing with our local professional dance company in the Nutcracker. I LOVE THE NUTCRACKER!!!!!!!! I have been going for years and I am thrilled beyond words that she is dancing in it. Since she is nine, she doesn't have a major part, but SHE IS DANCING IN THE NUTCRACKER! She is in the Waltz of the Flowers in Act II. Which the song happens to be one of my favorites in the ballet. Yes, I have the Nutcracker CD that I play at Christmas (nerd, I know... can't help it).

Then, December 30th, my best friend and her daughter (again, my daughter and her daughter are very good friends and dance at the same dance studio) and we are taking them to the Rockettes Christmas Show (yes, $131 dollars for our TWO tickets...HOLY CRAP!).

Okay, yes I do have 2 teenage boys. No, I don't neglect them, as this post may sound. It just so happens that all this stuff is just happening at once. So You Think You Can Dance tour, the HSM on Ice, Nutcracker, Rockettes, I mean I can't help it's all at once. My pocketbook isn't thrilled about it, either. BELIEVE ME! THIS is why I work, THIS is what gets my a** out of bed in the morning and gets me to work. So, once our refi goes through on the house, Christmas is over and all of our events, I am going to work hard on figuring out a way to stay home ;) Oh and lose weight.


girlymom said...

Sounds like you have some really fun events coming up. It's always a thrill looking forward to something fun. Congrats to your daughter with all of her ballet. Break a Leg!

Kellan said...

WOW, you have so much fun planned for you and your daughter - how wonderful. And so exciting that she is in the Nutcracker!! My daughter would love to go the High School Musical - I hope you have a blast! Thank you for the Anniversary wishes - take care and see you soon.

Stacie said...

ooohhhh have fun. This summer I took my 7 year old daughter to HSM Live-so not the ice version. She loved it, but kept commenting on how the actor playing "Troy" was SOOOOO not "troy". LOL. She leaned over and said in her closest to teenage attitude, "he doesn't even SOUND like Troy". LOL. It was a lot of fun though, I enjoyed myself too.

kudos on the Nutcracker part too, that is AWESOME.

Holly said...

Have fun! I haven't seen the Nutcracker for a few years, but I love it. I'd pass on the High School Musical thing though. I think I'm the only person in existence (other than my husband) who hasn't seen them and has no desire too! LOL.

Valarie said...

What, your teenage boys don't want to go to the nutcracker?? hehe
I am going to see The Lion King when it comes here next June. I am SOOO Excited!

utmomof5 said...

Sounds like a fun month to be your daughter!! I also love the Nutcraker. All the girls (over 4) on my side of the family go and see it every year. We get all dressed up and go out to dinner. My daughters start asking about June when we are going to the nutcracker.

Have fun!!

Jennifer said...

My daughter wants to know if you can adopt her and take her with you. She wants to go, and I am not able to (going to) take her, and her father wouldn't be caught dead at a HSM anything, LOL.

onthegomom said...

Jennifer - if only you didn't live half way across the U.S. from me :(

Kelly Malloy said...

Sounds like great fun! We are doing High School Musical in May and the Nutcracker Dec. 9th (I teach dance and children's theater)