Saturday, November 3, 2007

Year I Belong

Well, this cracked me up! I belong in the year 1988... the year I graduated. Ironic? Yes. Accurate? You bet.


Shelley said...

Ok, I took the quiz and it said this:

***You Belong in 1965***

You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule - oh, and drugs too.

Two years before I was born, but probably pretty accurate! I always thought I would have made a good hippie. :)

Kellan said...

Well, that was just a little depressing - I belong to 1950 - I wasn't even born yet. It said, You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in! - this I like to think is true - I did so love the drive-in! See ya.

Holly said...

I belong in 1985, which is the year I graduated!

Valarie said...

Hmmm, I did it too and it says a belong in 1997. That's kinda boring. However, it did say I was ghetto fabulous!
Fun post!! :)

desirae said...

I belong in the year 1980 (the year before I was born)

I'm "wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy." I'm "colorful at night, and successful during the day"..

Hmm.. it definately fit me before kids, Not so much now. (I hope I'm not still wild and over the top..the cheesy I can deal with)

Stephanie said...

I did the quiz, out of curiosity, and it said that I belonged in 1959, which is actually the year I was born. Feels kind of wierd, as if (for once!) I fit the norm... Cute questions and yes, we used to go to the drive-in and the game would be to see how many teenagers you could stuff in the trunk, to avoid paying!