Monday, November 5, 2007

Football, Husbands & Cat Puke (yea, it's that good)

My brain still hasn't caught on that Daylight Savings Time has arrived. I am still wide awake. As in not tired in the least. However, when my alarm goes off at 6 am I won't be able to get up without hitting snooze a few times.

My husband deserves some kind of "super spouse" award. He "made" dinner tonight. He warmed up the left over sloppy joes and put it on a bun and brought it to me. I know... he's amazing and no he isn't for rent. This makes TWICE in 2 weeks he has "made" dinner.... okay last week he really did cook but this is not counting as cooking. I don't care how much he rationalizes it. Yes he did put it on the bun and yes he did deliver it to me. No, I didn't have to get up and no, I didn't have to lift a finger. So, of course, yes this COUNTS!

My 2 boys went to the high school second round play off game tonight. This game was an exact repeat of last year and last year we won. That's where the story ends. We got beat BADLY... like at half time when my kids left (it was really cold and windy out anyway, so I was glad they left) they had scored like 50 some points to our 13. Sad, very sad. We had already beat this team once this year and were ranked higher. Can't win them all I guess.

Well we all remember from yesterday's post that I had all my laundry done, even the sheets. Came home from work today and my cat puked on my daughters freshly cleaned sheets. I love Murphy and his dumb law.


Cecily R said...

That dang blasted Murphy! He's always messing up my plans too! I was all messed up with daylight savings last night too I guess because I was up until well after three a.m. What the heck is wrong with me? Ugghh.

I don't think I've had a sloppy joe for over a decade. Think your husband could warm me up one too?

utmomof5 said...

Anytime you don;t have to make dinner is a great day. Now I want sloppy joes for dinner tonight! =). Sorry to heat about the cat, at least it was on something washable unlike my house where Murphy always has people or animals puke on the carpet. Yuck!!

Kellan said...

This was funny - sorry. See ya.

Bia said...

wow . . . twice in two weeks. The one time my husband cooked dinner he fixed me to fried bologna! But, in all honesty, he may not know how to cook but he ALWAYS cleans up and loads the dishwasher. Sorry about the cat; however, with all that laundry you did I'm sure you had some spare sheets on hand! God bless!

Mary said...

Wow, I just read your laundry and puke and making lists for your kids post. They did the stuff on their lists? WOW! And to top if off your hubby made you a sloppy joe?!?!

You are living my dream!

(Btw... it took me a long time to type this cuz my baby just yanked a bunch of keys off my laptop. Just wanted you to know how special you are that I typed a comment on keyboard guts)

Shelley said...

Yay, for the husband making dinner! Boo for losing the football game. That's stinky. I hate when the season is over, just like that. It'll be happening to us soon enough...our playoffs start Friday, and if we make it past the first round, there's no way we're making it past the second.

Cat puke on the sheets...gross!

Valarie said...

Isn't it great when hubby does something nice?? My husband does teh dishes almost every night. How amazing is that?!?
Ewwwww, cat puke. I am a dog person. Cats aren't my thing even when they aren't puking.